[Sydney] Some people just have it all. Meet Reynold Poernomo, probably one of MasterChef Australia’s most noticeable alumnus, young, good looking (okay, VERY handsome), fit, talented, and successful.

A never-before perfect score of 30/30 for his dessert on MasterChef propelled him to further popularity, even though he didn’t win the season in the end.

He opened KOI Dessert Bar at Chippendale Sydney earlier this year, with savoury dishes and cocktails created by his brothers Arnold (MasterChef Indonesia’s judge) and Ronald.

When I asked on instagram for a must-visit café recommendation, the comments were almost unanimously “KOI Dessert Bar”!

Reynold serves up his signature desserts, cakes and coffee at the space, with an open air courtyard on the ground floor, and dining room on the upper.

Reservations are recommended for the set dinners and set dessert menus from evening onwards.

As described by an online review, “Reynold was on full display, working from his open kitchen.” Emm, yes.

There were giggling (perhaps blushing) girls waiting to take a shot with Reynold.

I asked for his 3 personal favourite desserts from KOI, and they were:

1. The Forbidden Fruit
The first chocolate challenge that I had done in Masterchef 2015, where the dish itself “The Forbidden Fruit” went wild on social media.

2. Nomtella
The cake’s name is a nickname I used for a special someone and all the little flavours they (They? I didn’t question further) liked into one cake. Flavours of Nutella, caramel, chocolate and coffee.

3. Baileys Cake
I just like baileys and chocolate.

When I visited KOI Dessert Bar at about noon-time, there was almost a queue/cluster/group of customers (seemed mainly females, some brought their guy friends) waiting around for cakes to be displayed out.

Us being Singaporeans, my friends zoomed in to the front of the line and went, ”One of every single cake.

My treat then… I turned around, “ONE of EVERY cake?!” Yeah, we couldn’t let the opportunity go.

The popular (ie instagrammable) choice was the Coconut Kalamansi (AUD$9) of coconut mousse, white cheese, kalamansi curd and chocolate sable.

My female friends liked this the best – delicately soft, a light touch of coconut, and trace of tanginess in the middle. A fine balance.

I personally preferred the Nomtella (AUD$9). It kind of had everything I liked in a single cake – espresso mousse, salted caramel, hazelnut and chocolate brownie.

While you could imagine that the dessert could very-well be too rich, it wasn’t.

The presentation was on-point, glossy till you could almost see your own reflection, with a sprinkling of gold.

With each item costing between AUD$9 to AUD$15, this is pricey.

I will be honest to say not all cakes were to our satisfaction. A quarter of what we ordered tasted average, while some others could have been too sweet, or heavy.

When asked about his future plans for KOI Dessert Bar, Reynold revealed that he would be focused in working closely with the team to highlight more of their dining menu.

Even though they are a dessert bar, they are trying to work towards a menu that is exciting, creative and especially tasty.

Expanding is in the talks, but no confirmation just as of yet. He also hinted that KOI may expand overseas. Let’s hope that it will be Singapore.

KOI Dessert Bar
42–44 Kensington Street, Chippendale Sydney NSW 2008
Tel: +61 02 9212 1230
Opening hours: 10am – 11pm (Tue – Sun), Closed Mon
Google Maps – KOI Dessert Bar

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  1. Oh! KOI, i really love tea milk in KOI. this drink is one of my favorite drink and so fantastic. Unfortunately, my country don’t have these desserts. Hope one they will arrive in my country


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