Sophisca Singapore – 10 FUN Gifts You Can Get From The Taiwanese Candy Store

Sophisca Singapore - 10 FUN Gifts You Can Get From The Taiwanese Candy Store

Looking for a ‘naughty’ gift? Sophisca at Marina Square and Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Public Area) sell these cutesy and quirky chocolates and candies, with such creative packaging that you may actually mistake them for the real thing.

Once during a birthday, I received a box that printed ”Choco is better than sex”… and our group of friends went ”WHAT IS THIS?!”

Well, its contents were chocolate, NOT rubber. Still, we had a good laugh.

Sophisca comes from Taiwan, considered as Taiwan’s very first specialty candy brand started in 1997 and has since established itself one of the top confectionery retailer over there.

The shop is known for some of its originally-created products with fun packaging from condoms boxes, sanitary pads (WHAT?!), mah-jong tile and dollar notes.

Here are some FUN gifts you can get from Sophisca in Singapore.

True Words
This is ‘Uniquely Singapore’. The first time Sophisca has designed and custom gifts for a particular country other than Taiwan.

The True Words ($2.90 per piece) chocolate boxes come designed and printed with iconic Singapore architecture and buildings such as the Merlion and the Changi control tower, or familiar Singlish colloquial like “Huat ah”, “Lobang”, “Paiseh”, “Shiok”, “Alamak”, “Stylo Milo”.

IF you gift a colleague the ”Eating Snake”, or “Blue Like Sotong” maybe he/she will get a hint. LOL.

You can purchase them by piece or in a box of four or six where you can mix and match.

Brown Rice Sushi Bento
The Brown Rice Sushi Bento ($11.90) looks like a party tray of sushi, but actually contains 25 chocolate brown rice crispy treat.

Each nigiri sushi is made with natural brown rice smothered with Belgium-imported white chocolate, then individually wrapped. How clever.

Choco Colouring Pens
The children should like this. These DIY Soft Pens ($17.90) contain chocolates, which can be used to decorate cakes and cookies!

With flavours such as white chocolate, lemon chocolate and honeydew, use the ‘ink’ from the pen to colour breads, biscuits and other food. Then eat them. Well, for the fun of it.

Tip: Use warm water to heat up the pens for more flowy ink.

Crayon Candy Sticks
These crayons are melt-in-your-mouth candies disguised as colouring tools.

They come in 12 different flavours, such as honey peach, tropical fruit, mandarin orange, pomelo, lemon, green apple, and mint, blueberry, grape, strawberry, chocolate and yoghurt) depicted in vivid colours. Supposedly made with minimal artificial colouring and essence.

Parents may just need to supervise to make sure your children are eating the right things.

Sophi’s Choco
For those who want the straightforward, simple, elegantly packaged milk chocolates.

These Sophi’s Choco ($5.30 per pack) offer 12 flavours to choose from, such as Uji Matcha (best seller), Assam (means ‘red tea’), Strawberry, Tiramisu, 60% Chocolate, Hazelnut, Yoghurt Sherbet, Tropical Fruits, Mint, Cappuccino, Caramelised Apple and Wasabi.

Crescent Chocolates
Identified by a cute baby face on the gift box, these Crescent Chocolates ($11.90) have texture resembling moon craters, with bits of almonds or dried fruits.

Delicious Chocolate Condom
One of Sophisca’s best seller and main-stayers, the ”Choco is better than sex!” edible chocolate condoms in flavours of brown and pink.

For the birthdays, pranks or hens’ nights.

Sanitary Napkin Marshmallow
Sanitary napkin packaging, marshmallow candy floss on the inside ($8.90). I leave you to decide WHEN, and WHO you want to gift this to.

Popping Candy White Chocolates
In a box like Chinese medicine (you may spot a face looking like a Hong Kong actor on the packaing), these are white chocolates with popping candy for that sensation in your mouth.

Chewmmy Candies
I hear this is surprisingly the best-seller at the Changi Airport store.

These round soft chewy milk candies with a crisp outer layer come in 6 flavours – apple, yogurt, blueberry, lemon and strawberry. Packaged in bottles or fun dispensing machines.

First Aid Kit
When your friend is in need of help aka a cheer-me-up… maybe this will work. A First Aid Kit ($21.90).

This bright red kit is a goodie pack for laughs – malt candy mini syringe, marshmallow sanitary pad, chocolate OK bands (handy plus), Marital Arts raisin chocolate medication, and candy floss

Laughter is the best medication?

Sophisca Christmas 2016 Specials
Time to get those Christmas treats, and Sophisca’s 2016 collection boosts of lovely, cute packaging at affordable pricings.

Makes Christmas gifting so much easier.

You can get your hands on these Christmas Stockings filled with candies and chocolates, priced at $12.30.

Christmas Candy Canes in flavours of Yogurt, Strawberry, Chocolate and Tropical Fruits to distribute in a party.

Or a Christmas Surprise Bag ($7.90) with Santa, Reindeer or Sopshica Lamb design. Like life, you never know what ya going to get inside.

For the full Sophisca Christmas E-catalog, head over to

Marina Square #02-32 Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm

Changi International Airport Terminal 3 B2-42 (Public Area)
Tel: +65 6543 9113
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Sophisca Singapore.

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