Rayz Bistro – Halal Bistro At The Heart Of Selegie, Slightly Pricey Though

Rayz Bistro - Halal Bistro At The Heart Of Selegie, Slightly Pricey Though

Rayz Bistro has set itself to a promising set. A Halal eatery serving Western fare with a dedicated pastry line.

Location is around the familiar supper haunts of Selegie Road right opposite Rochor Beancurd. There is a carpark behind. Check, check, check.

Everything but the price.

While we understand there is a certain upscale-ness in this café-bistro, every single item could have been few dollars less.

That is in consideration that the setting and food are still quite ‘café-ish’ in standard, and there are many potential customers around (the schools, the hostels) who are students. Price-sensitive students.

For the mains, the Fish and Chips at $15 is probably the cheapest item. That is saying a lot.

The other items included Aglio Olio ($23), Penne Carbonara ($23), Chilli Crab Pasta ($26), Paella ($30), Braised Beef Ribs ($32), Spatchcock Morrocan Style ($32), Rack of Lamb ($35), Rib Eye Steak ($35). These are ‘town prices’

We almost wanted to order some Garlic Bread, but stopped when found out it cost us $9.

For appetisers, we had the Crispy Wings ($14 for 6) which tasted suspiciously like those-typical-wings-from-the-same-supplier. We were told they were homemade, and marveled at how close they actually tasted like CP’s.

The wings rested on an orangey-red romesco sauce which was said to contain ingredients such as turmeric and tomato.

Interestingly, the sauce did little to lift the flavours up, and a slant towards either tangy tomato or Spanish peppery, could have better helped.

I liked some of the other mains. The Chilli Crab Pasta ($26) with generous servings of jumbo crab meat and trout roe, complete with a flowy poached egg, was tastily spicy.

Two friends felt it was somewhat over, but it was what that would make Rayz different from Cafes A, B and C.

With that said, I am not that inclined to pay $26 for this.

Rib Eye Steak ($35) with sweet potato fries was decent; while the recommended Spatchcock Morrocan Style ($32) came a tad undercooked with weird-tasting couscous.

Rayz Bistro’s mission is to serve premium halal food made enjoyable with delightful service. I do think that it can perhaps focus more on what it is potentially strong at – bolder Asian flavours.

Additional note: During the Ramadan period, Rayz will offer $59+ sets which includes a salad/soup, main, coffee/tea, Rayz Special Coconut Blast, complimentary Bubur Ramadan and dates. It also comes with items from the Dessert Table by Dato’ Fazley Yaakob. (Available only on Fridays & Saturdays).

Rayz Bistro
100 Selegie Road Singapore 188308
Tel: +65 6352 6651
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Tues – Sun (Closed Mon)

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