Andong Zzimdak – Get Ready For Korean Andong Jjimdak With CHEESE! At Raffles City

Andong Zzimdak – Get Ready For Korean Andong Jjimdak With CHEESE! At Raffles City

What? Andong Jjimdak with CHEESE. Korean food just got more adventurous in Singapore.

Andong Jjimdak is a famous Korean dish, known to be served in a HUGE plate with plentiful of ingredients of chicken, vegetables marinated in a ganjang Korean soy based spicy sauce.

I usually need to gather 3-4 of my ‘K-Food’ friends for this, as attempting to finish one on your own is not encouraged.

(Click PLAY for video of Andong Jjimdak with CHEESE.)

The very first Andong Jjimdak restaurant in Singapore started at the basement of Raffles City, a franchise of the popular Andong Zzimdak (note the ‘z’) restaurant in Korea.

If you have been shopping and dining at Myeong-dong Seoul, it is almost impossible to miss the various branches of the restaurants. They are almost EVERYWHERE.

There are 4 varieties of Andong Jjimdak – The original ($40.90 for 2-3 pax, $50.90 for 3-4 pax), Boneless Jjimdak ($45.90, $55.90), Seafood Jjimdak ($48.90, $60.90), and Mayak Jjimdak ($42.90 and $52.90).

This is NEW in Singapore.

Byol Byol Jjimdak, Cheese Jjimdak ($52.90, one size only)
The newbie… the Byol Byol Jjimdak, aka Cheese Jjimdak where a layer of melty cheese cover the pieces of sweet and savory braised chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Before serving, generous portion of mozzarella cheese was sprinkled over the wok-fried chicken, then torched such that the outer layer became a delicate brown.

We honestly wondered how cheese and jjimdak could go together.

Like distant relatives meeting for a first time, there was a certain form of bonding. One could stretch up, the other might set the tongue on fire.

They did not ‘steal’ the taste from each other, and a tiny amount of cheese wrapping the chicken meat provided a varied layered texture.

In terms of the sauce alone, I actually liked this version best (the seasoning is slightly different for each) – sweet, savoury, with a trace of spiciness that didn’t go over.

I must have tasted the familiar hint of bean sauce, so it kind of reminded me of the braised chicken that grandma used to make.

Boneless Jjimdak ($49.90 for 2-3 pax, $59.90)
The Boneless Jjimdak is apparently the most popular dish among Singaporeans. Not difficult to understand why. We are lazy, I mean prefer to eat in peace without the need to pluck out bones and dirty our hands.

Apparently, there have been changes to the dish since Andong Zzimdak first opened in Singapore.

Turns out those different branches in Seoul would also fine-tune the jjimdak sauce accordingly to the customer base.

What Andong Zzimdak Singapore originally had during opening days was closer to the Gangnam- Style (no pun intended), while the current is what Singaporeans like better – The Myeongdong Style, somewhat spicier and more robust.

Mayak Jjimdak ($47.90 for 2-3 pax, $59.90 for 3-4 pax)
The very, very spicy version. Some will find this ”shiok”, some finding the need to reach out for water often. Of course, there are always spice warriors who go ”Nothing leh!”.

Interesting, “Mayak” means narcotics in Korean, but don’t be alarm! The implication is something is so delicious you find yourself eating it again and again like an addiction.

In terms of ranking, I liked the Byol Byol Jjimdak, original Boneless Jjimdak (very close second), followed by Mayak Jjimdak. But accordingly to the store, the youths really like Mayak Jjimdak for its satisfaction level. You try and let me know.

These are some of the other new dishes introduced…

Spicy Cheese Doboki ($12.90)
The Dokboki is specially imported from Korea, so the rice cake texture was somehow soft and chewy without tough and elastic.

Korean Cheese Pancake ($12.90)
Cheese within the Korean Pancake. So when you bite, there is a stretch of cheese in the middle, almost like a pizza. Advice: Eat this while it is hot.

I was more indifferent to this and wished the slices were thinner, less ‘floury’ and crisper.

Seafood Kimchi Soup ($13.90)
Other than Tofu Kimchi soup, Pork Kimchi soup and Sardine Kimchi soup (all $11.90), the newest item on the menu is the Seafood Kimchi Soup.

Cheese Steamed Egg ($9.90)
Oh, this. Silky smooth Asian style steamed eggs are already a comforting treat.

Now add some cheese, and you have a mix of that cheesy savouriness with the lightness from mid-watery steamed eggs.

Andong Jjimdak is the type of food you share with a group of people – it just makes the experience more enjoyable.

There are so many elements I enjoy about it – the juicy chicken, soft potatoes, sweet carrots, and translucent noodles soaked in spicy soy-based gravy. Now with cheese. So very satisfying.

Andong Zzimdak
Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-44F, 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6533 3951
Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 10 pm Daily AndongZzimdak

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Andong Zzimdak Singapore.

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