Tenkaichi – Japanese BBQ Ala-Carte Premium Buffet with Hokkaido Wagyu Beef

Tenkaichi - Japanese BBQ Ala-Carte Premium Buffet with Hokkaido Wagyu Beef

[Updated May 2015] In conjunction with SG50, Tenkaichi is launching their BEST DEAL EVER – Premium BBQ Buffet with free flow wagyu beef at only $50.00+ (weekdays) and $55.00+ (weekends). They have also brought in Hokkaido Wagyu Beef!

This is what we call value for money.

Details of SG50 promo
– $50++ for Premium BBQ Buffet on weekdays, and $55++ on weekends (Same prices for both lunch and dinner).
– Valid from 25th May 2015 to 30th June 2015.
– Premium BBQ Buffet now includes newly imported Hokkaido Wagyu Beef. Spread includes free flow wagyu, sashimi, scallops, seafood, and more.
– Minimum 2 pax dine-in.
– Reservations must be made at least 1 day in advance and strictly through Tenkaichi’s website at www.tenkaichi.com.sg.

[Original Entry] Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant at City Gate (Keypoint) has launched a ‘The Best of Japan’ BBQ Ala-Carte Premium Buffet which offers free flow Wagyu Beef, Sashimi, Scallops and Oysters. Sounds like a very good deal.

The buffet restaurant has also decided to go ahead with a price guarantee. As long as customers are able to find a similar buffet at a better price, they will beat it by 10%.

A Deluxe BBQ Buffet which includes free flow sashimi, premium beef, pork (pork belly, loin, collar and even cheek fillet), seafood such as prawn, mackerel, white tuna and seabream is at $39.80++ (Mon-Thurs) and $44.80++ (Fri-Sun) respectively.

The Premium BBQ Buffet’s highlight is the offering of Wagyu Tataki, Karubi (short rib), Rosu (rib eye cap), Yukke (marinated wagyu beef), Ox Tongue, Hotate and Sashimi at $64.80++ (Mon-Thurs) and $69.80++ (Fri-Sun). The marbling score of the wagyu is at 7+.

What I liked about it was the items are served to you ala-carte style in small dishes, so you can dine in comfort, and the group is able to try quite a sizable variety.

I particularly enjoyed the freshness of the Wagyu Karubi and Ton Toro. While the pork cheek fillet could be slightly tough (so note not to overcook the slices), they were evenly marinated and tasty.

Fortunately, the restaurant did not go over on the seasoning so you can still taste the naturalness of the meats. And the wagyu are only sliced when an order is placed.

The Wagyu Beef Yukke came with an egg yolk. Yes, you have it raw, and mixed, and surprisingly was more delicious than disgusting – you just need to get across any possible psychological barrier.

Tenkaichi’s owner and head chef was once from Japan’s high-end Yakiniku restaurant Jojoen at Roppongi, and eventually stepped out to helm his own.

On the other side of the restaurant is a cooked food section where you can gather items of Japanese fried rice and noodles, sushi, tempura, soba noodles and cooked meat dishes to complement the BBQ food.

The food could have turned cold later in the day because they were placed directly under the air-con, but rest assured they are all freshly prepared daily.

To be truthful, I had my reservations about Tenkaichi initially. The restaurant is located at Citygate Beach Road, not the most glamorous of places. The décor is nothing much to speak of as well, previously converted from a Chinese restaurant.

If you are willing to look beyond that, the type, variety and quality of foods provided can be well-worth the money. It is not all the time you can get buffet with wagyu at that price, with a guarantee.

Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant
371 Beach Road, City Gate (Keypoint) #01-18/19, Singapore 199597 (opposite the Concourse , Nicole Highway MRT, Lavender MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm Daily
Reserve Online Now

[Giveaway Ended] Tenkaichi Giveaway
Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant will be rewarding 2 readers from DanielFoodDiary.com with a pair of Deluxe Buffet BBQ worth $89.60!

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Tenkaichi.

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  1. Wagyu beef yukke

  2. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  3. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  4. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  5. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  6. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  7. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  8. Wagyu Beef

  9. Wagyu Beef

  10. Wagyu beef !

  11. Wagyu!!!!! Shiok man..

  12. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  13. Wagyu beef yukke

  14. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  15. wagyu beef yukke

  16. リン ティア : December 17, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Wagyu karubi

  17. Wagyu Beef Yukke
    Previous comment with wrong email address.
    This is the correct email. Lolzz

  18. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke! I love beef tartare!

  19. I want one of everything. Thank you in advance 🙂

  20. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  21. Wagyu Tataki,

  22. Wagyu Karubi!

  23. Wagyu beef 😛

  24. Wagyu beef 😛

  25. Ton Toro!! 😀

  26. Wagyu Tataki

  27. Wagyu Karubi!!! Yummy yummy!!!

  28. Wagyu Beef!!!

  29. I want everything!!!!!!

  30. Wagyu beef yukke !!

  31. Wagyu karubi!! yum yum :)!

  32. Wagyu Beef Yukke!!!

  33. Yum yum wagyu beef

  34. Wagyu Tataki. Thanks!

  35. Wagyu Beef Yukke!~

  36. Silver Sandy Chua : December 17, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Wagyu Beef Yukke!~

  37. Wagyu Tataki, Karubi (short rib)

  38. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  39. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  40. Yummy! I love Tenkaichi Wagyu Beef! ;D

  41. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  42. The Wagyu Beef Yukke

  43. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  44. Wagyu Tataki

  45. MicHelle Ang Xing Yee : December 17, 2014 at 7:14 am

    Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  46. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  47. Wagyu Tataki!

  48. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  49. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  50. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  51. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Tataki

  52. Ton Toro! 😛

  53. Looks gooddddddd.

  54. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Tataki! 🙂

  55. Thian Hui Ling : December 17, 2014 at 3:34 pm


  56. Wagyu Beef! Yummy!

  57. liked and shared ! Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke !! hope to win the treat with my love because we are a
    favourite fan of Jap BBQ ! YUM YUM !! i love Tenkaichi because they are awesome place
    for chill out.. Tenkaichi can give me an abundance of joy by
    ending my day with a good meal as it will somehow brighten my spirit on the following working day because eating nice and awesome food makes a glutton like
    me happy. Moreover i love the dinning ambiance at Tenkaichi..cool and chilling and great for gathering for a catch up ! Food is my
    motivation for everything which cheers me up. Hope to win it for my date
    because my bf and i love eating and our dates are always ended up on food hunt !!
    ! 😉 😉 😉 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !

  58. Wagyu Tataki

  59. Wagyu Tataki

  60. Liked and shared. I love Japanese food!

  61. Waygu beef!

  62. wow, hope to try

  63. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  64. Definitely the best Wagyu Beef Yukke in town!!

  65. Wagyu beef

  66. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  67. Always game for good food, especially good beef!

  68. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  69. Wagyu beef yukke

  70. Warty Beef Yukke

  71. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  72. liked and share!


  73. Wagyu Karubi

  74. Wagyu Karubi

  75. Wagyu Karubi !!

  76. Wagyu Karubi! Looks good!

  77. looking forward to have a great meal at Tenkaichi

  78. Wagyu Beef Yukke !!

    Hope to win the treat with my elder brother because he had change a new job!! hope to win this and give him a treat to celebrate with him 🙂 we love beef!! but we had never try Wagyu Beef before!!

    Thanks Daniel’s Food Diary for holding a awesome giveaway!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in advance to you and all your readers <3

    Facebook Name: Kok Hui Or

  79. Liked and shared. I love BBQ buffet. Scallops and sashimi yumz 🙂

  80. Wagyu beef yukke

  81. Wagyu beef yukke

  82. Wagyu Beef

  83. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  84. Wagyu Beef Yukke !

  85. Wagyu Tataki karubi. But there's so many other! Yums.

  86. Ton toro ♡ pick me please 🙂

  87. wagyu beef yukke

  88. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  89. Wages Beef. Yummy yum yum

  90. Wagyu beef. Yummy yum yum

  91. Benjamin Yc Khoo : December 17, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Liked and shared! Tenkaichi serves Wagyu beef Yukke! So hope that I can share this with my loved ones!

  92. i just love japanese buffet! would love to bring Jhunboon Tan so that we can indulge in our favourite japanese dishes (:

  93. Liked and shared . I love to eat Japanese food. Would like to bring my family if I won it. Thks merry Christmas.

  94. Liked and Shared! I would absolutely like to bring my girlfriend Melissa Lim to try the Wagyu Karubi described by you!

  95. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  96. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  97. Liked and shared! Tenkaichi serves Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  98. Liked & shared! Can't wait to try it!

  99. Wagyu beef Yukke!

  100. Wagyu Beef Yukke !!

  101. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wa

  102. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke! Liked and shared! Keep my fingers crossed!

  103. Definitely the pork belly with YanLing Chong! Choose US! 😀

  104. Hotate

  105. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  106. Wagyu Karubi

  107. Wagyu Karubi

  108. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  109. Wagyu Tataki!!! Liked and shared too!!!

  110. Wagyu Tataki!

  111. Wagyu Beef

  112. Hotate !

  113. Lëmon Liangwei : December 17, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    Yeah! Value for Money. Agreed!

  114. Wagyu Karubi

  115. Liked and shared! The restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke 🙂

  116. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  117. Ton Toro

  118. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  119. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves awesome Wagyu Tataki!

  120. LIked and shared. Wagyu Tataki.

  121. Liked and share. Madly in love with their wagyu tataki !

  122. Liked n shared! Would love to try out its food! Pls give me this chance!!!

  123. Wagyu Karubi

  124. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  125. Liked & Shared. Karubi (Short rib)

  126. Hi Daniel,

    The one dish that Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves is Wagyu Tataki. Hope to win this giveaway so I can bring my bf that is currently suffering from food poisoning to eat some good food when he recover. It pains my heart when he had vomited more than 10 times and have to be admitted to hospital. I really hope winning this will cheers him up as he always love to feast on beef. Lastly, Merry Xmas to you Daniel! 😀

    Teo Siew Chin

  127. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke! Liked and shared! Wish me the best of luck!!

  128. Wagyu Tataki!

  129. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  130. Awesome Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  131. I saw one of the things i dun mind having unlimited supply of… Scallops .. soft bouncy white bites of the sea !

    And of course wagyu beef.. Your pictures are making me hungry !

  132. Answer: Wagyu Karubi

  133. Wagyu Karubi

  134. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  135. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  136. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  137. Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke

  138. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  139. Wagyu Karubi~!

  140. Wagyu beef yukke

  141. Wagyu Karubi

  142. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  143. Must try everything. Abj as bsjsbsn

  144. Been there. Tried it. And the beef was fantastic. Extremely fresh and tender. Wagyu Beef ^^

  145. Liked and Shared

  146. I love beefs!!! Liked and shared!!!!!

  147. Powerful beef… nice ambience too

  148. tried it and it is good buffet

  149. best place for meat lovers !!!

  150. They serve beef tongue! Interesting (: Please let me win a pair of tickets so that I can bring my boyfriend to try the beef yukke that I love so much!

  151. Wagyu beef yukke

  152. Looking at all the picture make me hungry

  153. Wagyu rosu is the best! Tried it once and want to savor it again!

  154. yummy!!like n shared!

  155. Hope I can win .

  156. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  157. Wagyu beef Yukke

  158. Tenkaichi serves Wagyu beef Yukke liked and shared

  159. Wagyu beef Yukke

  160. tenkaichi Japanese BBQ restaurant serves wagyu karubi! nomn yummy!

  161. Love the wagyu beef and the scallops served at Tenkaichi Jap Restaurant!!! Loving them! Yummy!

  162. Like & shared….. all food looks so yummy…will go try it one day…. ✌

  163. Julian Spykerman : December 18, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Liked and shared, they serve Wagyu Beef Yukke

  164. Wagyu beef ftw

  165. Hoping to get the chance to try wagyu beef for the first time:)

  166. Hope I can win and get to try wagyu beef:)

  167. Thanks 🙂

  168. Sashimi

  169. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  170. Wagyu Beef Yukke! Slurps ;d Have Liked both Tenkaichi & Daniel's Food Diary long before this promo as well. Will go try regardless of the giveaway 😛

  171. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  172. Wagyu beef yukke

  173. Have been eyeing their beef karubi for some time 🙂

  174. looks damn awesome, will go try there the next time with my family 😀

  175. Wagyu tataki

  176. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  177. Audrey Sim Goh I hope we win the deluxe bbq buffet to celebrate our wedding anniversary! Wagyu Karubi and Wagyu Beef Yukke! Super Yums!

  178. Liked and shared! Tenkaichi serves Wagyu beef Karubi which my family loves! ^_^

  179. Wagyu beef Karubi!

  180. Wagyu Beef, Sashimi, Scallops and Oysters

  181. Wagyu beef yukke

  182. Liked and shared! Thanks!

  183. Liked and shared! Woots this is awesomelicious!

  184. Merry Xmas Tenkaichi..

  185. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  186. Wagyu karubi

  187. Esther Tan Bee Leng : December 18, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    I love Japanese buffet!!

  188. ZiLin Nitrogen : December 18, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Im a crazy beef lover! Would love to bring my bf there 🙂

  189. Would love to try with hubby!

  190. Yukke (marinated wagyu beef)

  191. Yukke (marinated wagyu beef)

  192. Wagyu beef karubi

  193. Went there once, the MEAT ! THE MEAT IS AWESOME! One of the best beef I have ever eaten 😀

  194. Wagyu Tataki, here i come 🙂

  195. Definitely its worth having a meal at tenkaichi.

  196. Wagyu Beef Yukke !!! looks good to me!!!

  197. Wagyu beef

  198. Wagyu Beef, Sashimi and fresh seafood!!!!! I wish to eat it all~

  199. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  200. Wagyu Beef Yukke.

  201. Wagyu beef yukke! Wish to try it 🙂

  202. Beef intestines!!! No where else to be found! Love tenkaichi for their unique and delicious selection of meats!!! Cheers 😉

  203. Answer: Wagyu Beef Yukke!

    Liked and shared
    FB: Fion Teo

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!

  204. Ton Toro

    Liked & Shared 🙂

  205. Hotate! 🙂

  206. They are all my favourite! But if i wanna choose one, it’ll be the Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  207. liked & shared!
    I cannot wait to try Tenkaichi’s BBQ Wagyu Karubi!

  208. Wagyu Beef Yukke!

  209. Rosu

  210. Ox tongue!!!! gonna get my friends to like eating it 🙂

  211. I would love to try this wagyu beef!

  212. Yummy! Yukke (marinated wagyu beef) !
    I want to try that!

  213. Like and shared. Want to try their buffet!

  214. Tenkaichi serves Wagyu beef Yukke!

    Liked and shared

    Merry christmas to you!

  215. Wagyu Beef!!

  216. ox tongue frankly my favorite

  217. Awesome beef!!

  218. Liked & Shared. They served Wagyu Tataki

  219. Wagyu beef yukke

    why is everyone answering the same answer tho?

  220. Liked and Shared to all my good friends. Wayu beef yukke 🙂

  221. Liked and Shared to all my good friends. Yummy!!

  222. Wayu beef yukke

    Thanks for the generous giveaway

  223. wagyu beef yukke

    thanks for the great recommendation as usual!!

    Merry Christmas!

  224. Ox Tongue!

  225. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  226. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  227. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  228. im hungry liao

  229. Liked & shared on. Ton Toro

  230. Ton Torro and Wagyu beef yukke

  231. Wagyu Beef Yukke!!

  232. Would wanna try this delicious food!

  233. Free flow of white tuna sashimi

  234. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  235. Wagyu beef yukke

  236. Sashimi

  237. Wagyu Beef Yukke which melts my heart each time I savour it!

  238. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  239. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  240. Unresistable BBQ buffet, scallops and sashimi…yummy :-9

  241. Christopher Lee : December 22, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Tenkaichi offers ‘The Best of Japan’ BBQ Ala-Carte Premium Buffet with wagyu from $64.80++! If you find a similar buffet elsewhere for a lesser price, they will be giving you a discount.

  242. Ox Tongue

  243. I want! I want!!! Ala carte premium buffet with WAGYU BEEF!!!Gosh look how juicy they are!!!

  244. Wagyu Karubi

  245. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  246. Sashimi omnomnom

  247. Wagyu Karubi

  248. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  249. I’ll love to try KARUBI. I bet its very flavorful and tender 🙂

  250. Liked & Shared the post! Thanks for organising this giveaway to reward your loyal readers. It takes a lot of dedication to keep this passion going and your posts are incredible. The edifying support is a testament to your endearing efforts to promote food and I always turn to your blog to get inspiration on where to go when I plan gatherings!

    I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and the premium Wagyu beef, especially beef yukke, looks exceptionally inviting. I really hope to win this giveaway and nothing beats premium and top, fine-quality beef to celebrate this Christmas with my loved one. Thanks for organising this giveaway and have a great year ahead.

  251. Joanna Soon Tong Ying : December 22, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Waygu Beef, Sashimi, Scallops, Oysters

  252. The Waygu Beef Yukke looks too good to not have have it!
    Would love to enjoy such yummy food with my partner after a hectic year and what more, both our birthdays are round the corner soon too! (:

  253. Wagyu beef Yukke yummy!

  254. wagyu beef yukke

  255. Wagyu Tataki

  256. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  257. Congrats to Siew Chin and Low Kok Whye for winning 2 deluxe buffets each from Tenkaichi Japanese restaurant. Please email to [email protected] with your contact details. Merry Christmas!

  258. Lee Siew Siew : March 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    Wakyu beef is my favourite!

  259. Loh Yen Nie : March 4, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Wagyu Tataki 🙂

  260. Christie Kua Xin Yi : March 4, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Wagyu Beef Yukke

  261. Nicholas wong : March 5, 2015 at 1:52 am

    Wagyu beef Yukke!

  262. Wagyu Tataki

  263. Wagyu beef 🙂

  264. They serve OX TONGUE!!!!!

  265. Looks promising.

  266. Wagyu Karubi! and my favourite – sashimiiiii 🙂

  267. Wagyu beef and sashimi! 2 of my favourite food!
    Likes and shares (:

  268. Wagyu beef and sashimi! 2 of my favourite food!
    Liked and shared (:

  269. Free Flow Wagyu beef yukke
    Liked & Shared!

  270. Wagyu Beef!

  271. wagyu beef

  272. Wagyu beef Yukke! Time to try some raw beef!

  273. Wagyu beef!!

  274. Katherine Law : May 28, 2015 at 12:20 am

    Free flow hokkaido wagyu beef!!!!!!! <3

  275. Silvester leong : May 28, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Wagyu tataki

  276. Wagyu beef yukke

  277. wagyu tataki

  278. Wagyu Beef Yukke

  279. Ton Toro

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