Table Manners – Restaurant With Good Food, Scenery and Humour

There are some places in Singapore worth traveling for, in this case, to the far east for a ‘designer bistro’ called Table Manners.

The outdoor seating area of Table Manners is set in the garden at The Oasis at Changi City Point, within a pavilion overlooking real flora and fake fauna, with a sentence across the wall which says “It is impolite to text at the dinner table unless you are sharing TM’s food on Facebook.”

That’s it. A restaurant with scenery and a sense of humour. Without the need to try too hard.

On the inside, the first thing you may notice at Table Manners is their tables – elongated in a zigzag manner which kind of reminds you of a school canteen. This bistro which is suitable for communal dining, wins top score in design and wit.

The food looks simple in appearance, but packs a punch. The truffle capellini with bull’s eye organic egg ($19.00) doesn’t look appetizing, and when tossed together looks like a mess of grey. But when it gets into your mouth, with a slimy texture is all delicious, with a touch of fragrance.

Some of the other recommended mains are the Seafood & Chicken Jambalaya ($18.00), with mussels, prawns, pork sausage and mid joint wings with pilaf rice in a mild spicy sauce.

The King’s Burger ($20.00), as the name suggests, is a mega portion with tasty fillings of bacon, onion relish, gherkins, cheddar cheese yes, a gorgeous sunny egg.

Coffee served at Table Manners is by Papa Palheta, and tea from Tea Forte. The designer cocktails by Bar Stories such as the strawberry shortcake cocktail reminded us of a Korean pop princess, all pretty and sweet.

The only Table Manners I recommend you should take note is, get your good friends to share the food here. They deserve it.

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Table Manners
#01-69 Changi City Point The Oasis, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1 Singapore 66047669 (Expo MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 12:00am Daily

*This entry is brought to you by Changi City Point.

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