Betjeman & Barton – French Luxury Tea Brand Arrives In Singapore

Betjeman & Barton – French Luxury Tea Brand Arrives In Singapore

After taking a whiff at the tea leaves within the grey caddie, I sensed a light floral scent, along with a more distinct fruity aroma. The container is labeled ‘Thé Blue Mountain’. True enough, I felt like I was transported back to Sydney’s Blue Mountains with the fresh air of spring.

It was my first experience of such deeply scented Perfume Tea. The tea is from Betjeman & Barton, a boutique tea shop at Raffles City that originated from Paris. In fact, it was the first English tea house of its kind over at France which was established way back in 1919, when tea was mainly sold at groceries shops.

Betjeman & Barton is now leading brand in Europe, best known for its exquisite high-quality teas with over 200 varieties. The Singapore branch carries about 100 types, and brings in new flavours regularly.

I know ladies would walk into Betjeman & Barton, with the same feeling you may get as you open up a walk-in wardrobe. The tea shop may be small, but there are so many caddies containing tea, each containing an elegant themed design from colours of the rainbow, a British flag, checked designs to tiger prints.

The star of the shop, is of course tea. And you must request to smell some of the perfumed tea, which you would be so tempted to make your purchase after. There are many types of perfumed teas unique to this brand, enhanced by natural products such as flowers, fruits and essential oils.

My favourite as mentioned is Thé Blue Mountain ($13.00 for 50 grams), essentially China tea leaves scattered with cornflower petals, wild strawberries and rhubarb flavourings. You can choose green or black tea leaves, though the green will be most suitable to go with cakes and biscuits.

Betjeman & Barton’s signature tea is Thé Pouchkine ($13.00 for 50 grams), a green citrusy tea which is contained in a cute Russian doll canister.

According to the service staff, Thé Vert Lundi Light ($13.50 for 50 grams) is one of the popular perfumed tea in Singapore. This tea combines green tea and lemongrass from Mexico, which will be specially full-bodied and delightful when drunk with ice.

One of the co-owners of Betjeman & Barton, Ms Agnès Defontaine was in town to share how tea-drinking can be such a comfortable and exceptional experience, especially when you find that tea which suits the mood.

Here are also 10 tips from Betjeman & Barton on how you can better appreciate your tea.
1. For teapot, one that is made of terra cotta, cast iron or porcelain will be ideal.
2. Have one tea pot for classic teas, smoked teas and scented teas each to prevent conflict between flavours.
3. It may not be necessary to wash your teapot: rinsing it in clean water and drying after can be sufficient.
4. Use a strainer instead of tea balls and to give the tea leaves more room to swell.
5. It is okay to use tap water unless it is highly chlorinated.
6. If you have to, spring water is better than mineral water for teas.
7. Try not to use water filters as they tend to “flatten” the flavour of the tea.
8. The teapot should be warmed with boiling water before hand so that the tea will release its scent more freely.
9. The time to brew depends on the type of tea: 7 minutes for semi-fermented teas, 4 minutes for whole leaf teas, 3 minutes for chopped leaf tea, and 2 minutes for green tea.
10. Remove the tea and stir before serving.

Betjeman & Barton carries more than a hundred green, black, white, oolong, puerh and rooibos teas, sourced from China, Japan, India and Ceylon, including the superior quality Japon Gyokyro.

They make great gifts for the festive season, with tea that represents originality, elegance and history.

Betjeman & Barton Christmas Giveaway
Betjeman & Barton will be giving away 2 Gold Christmas caddies (each retailing at $45) to 2 blessed Daniel’s Food Diary readers.

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Betjeman & Barton
#B1-33 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd. Singapore, 179103 (City Hall MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm Daily

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  1. Thé Earl Grey Detheine! <3 btw the link "Daniel’s Food Diary" in Step 1 is broken! :p

  2. Thé Earl Grey Detheine! <3 btw the link "Daniel’s Food Diary" in Step 1 is broken! :p

  3. Japon Gyokyro

  4. Japon Gyokyro.

    Looks like a great place to have a nice restful afternoon with tea!

  5. Japon Gyokyro.

  6. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  7. The Blue Mountain

  8. Japon Gyokyro.

  9. The Blue Mountain

  10. Thé Pouchkine

    Quite interesting tea! Can’t wait to visit Betjeman & Barton this weekend! 😀

  11. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  12. Thé Blue Mountain

  13. Japon Gyokyro.

  14. Jeslyn Leow Fon Fon : December 12, 2013 at 3:14 am

    Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  15. Japan Gyokyro

  16. Thé Pouchkine. I am a tea lover.

  17. Thé Pouchkine.

  18. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  19. Japon Gyokyro

  20. Japon gyokyro

  21. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  22. Thé Blue Mountain

  23. The Blue Mountain

  24. The Blue Mountain

  25. The blue mountain

  26. Japan Gyokyro which is my favourite flavour!

  27. Thé Blue Mountain (:

  28. Thé Pouchkine!!

  29. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  30. Thé Pouchkine

  31. Thé Cerise Noire

  32. Thé Pouchkine

  33. The Vert Lundi Light

  34. Madeleine Seah : December 12, 2013 at 5:04 am

    Thé Pouchkine

  35. The Blue Mountain

  36. The Blue Mountain 😉

  37. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  38. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  39. Ling Ming Jing : December 12, 2013 at 6:13 am

    The pouchkine

  40. The pouchkine 🙂

  41. Thé Pouchkine

  42. Thé Pouchkine

  43. Will love to try their Darjeeling Castleton. Hope they bring in some darjeeling first flush soon.

  44. The blue mountain ♡

  45. Thé Pouchkine

  46. Thé Pouchkine

  47. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  48. Victoria Leong : December 12, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Thé Vert Lundi Light. This delicate, calming blend of green tea and lemongrass has a reminiscent of summer meadows.

  49. Thé Pouchkine sounds like my kind of tea! 🙂

  50. Thé Pouchkine 🙂

  51. Definitely the Japan Gyokyro!

  52. Thé Vert Lundi Light.. I’m a tea person, I want!! =`)

  53. Thé Vert Lundi Light, the tea looks interesting. : )

  54. Thé Vert Lundi Light, the tea looks interesting. : )

  55. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  56. Thé Pouchkine

  57. oh I love tea and Thé C'est une belle Histoire looks interesting!

  58. Thé Pouchkine

  59. Thé Pouchkine

  60. Thé Pouchkine

  61. Thé Pouchkine

  62. Thé Blue Mountain

  63. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  64. Thé Vert Lundi Light.

  65. Thé Blue Mountain 😀

  66. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  67. Thé Pouchkine

  68. Thé Earl Grey Detheine

  69. Japon Gyokyro!

  70. Thé Pouchkine

  71. Thé Pouchkine

  72. Oolong tea 😀 <3

  73. <3 The Blue Mountain 😛

  74. Thé Blue Mountain

  75. Tris JiaQi Heng : December 13, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    The Blue Mountain

  76. The Blue Mountain <3

  77. Darjeeling Castleton

  78. Thé Blue Mountain

  79. Thé Pouchkine

  80. Thé Vert Lundi Light ❤

  81. "Thé Pouchkine" sounds interesting!

  82. Great, pls you try them for me

  83. Thé Blue Mountain

  84. The blue mountain

  85. Thé Blue Mountain; always love the colour blue! =)

  86. Thé Vert Lundi Light. Green tea and lemongrass together should be delightful taste!

  87. Answer: Thé Earl Grey Detheine =)

  88. Thé Pouchkine. I like citrusy tea!

  89. Thé Vert Lundi Light :>

  90. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  91. I would love to try Japon Gyokyro 😀

  92. Thé Blue Mountain!

  93. The blue mountain

  94. Thé Blue Mountain

  95. Thé Vert Lundi Light

  96. Thé Blue Mountain!

  97. The Blue Mountain

  98. Christine Tang : December 17, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Thé Vert Lundi Light :))

  99. The Blue Mountain!

  100. Thé Blue Mountain!

  101. Blue Mountain

  102. The Blue Mountain

  103. Japon Gyokyro

  104. I like most black tea ♡

  105. Thé Earl Grey Detheine – Love it for its comforting and soothing properties!

  106. Assam Keelung would be a perfect gift for me ^^

  107. The pouchkine:)

  108. Thé Blue Mountain

  109. Love the blue mountain

  110. Il Etait Une Fois Noel

  111. Thé Hanami

  112. Thé Blue Mountain

  113. The Pouchkine

  114. Japon Gyokyro

  115. Thé Blue Mountain

  116. Thé Cerise Noire

  117. Thé Vert Lundi Light.

  118. Thé Pouchkine

  119. The Blue Mountain

  120. […] café component includes flower tea from one of my favourite French luxury tea brand Betjeman & Barton, flower Infused macarons, savoury canapes & sandwiches, and flower […]

  121. Japon Gyokyro

  122. Thé Pouchkine

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