Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken – Ipoh Horfun Boleh!

Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken - Ipoh Horfun Boleh!

Word has it that Malaysia’s Ipoh makes the best hor fun, kway tiao and ‘tau gay’ (bean sprouts) due to its karst limestone mountain mineral water – the horfun will end up smoother, and sprouts grown from the spring water will be juicy and plump.

You may be surprised to know that the horfun and beansprouts from Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken come all the way from the hometown of Ipoh, no effort spared just to make sure customers are having the most authentic stuff.

Even the chicken used come from across the causeway – pale yellow in colour, smaller in size free-range boiled kampong chickens, and freshly transported over.

I wished the shop has a sassier and hip name than a lengthy literal Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken, but its six branches already shows its popularity (IMM, Centrepoint, Chervon House, VivoCity, Chinatown Point and White Sands).

The one person set with hor fun, steamed chicken and bean sprouts is at an affordable $6.90 nett, and makes a suitable choice for a quick lunch time fix.

While we were trying to pick up the hor fun with chop sticks for photography purposes, the thin long strands quickly slipped off and glided down back into the soup, a true testimony that their horfun is indeed silky and smooth. The soup felt a little plain though, lacking the ‘oomph’ and my guess is more people would prefer the dry version.

I was not a big fan of the yellower chicken, probably because I am more used to the Singapore style of moist whiter Hainanese version. Therefore, I much preferred the Yong Tau Foo dry hor fun ($5.00), which has more variety and bite anyway with the addition of minced pork.

The best thing really, is the bean sprouts ($3.00 for small, $5.00 for large) in which I cleared an entire plate. Indeed, they were crunchy and fat, with little burst of refreshing moisture as you bite into them. The tau gay from the north really taste much better – Malaysia Boleh!

Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken 怡保老友芽菜鷄
Chinatown Point #B1-52, 133 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059413 (Chinatown MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (last order: 9:30pm)
Other branches: IMM, Centrepoint, Vivocity, White Sands, Chervon House, Junction 8 (opening soon)

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  1. my mum loves it!

  2. Tried it once yesterday. Superb! The best chincken rice I have eaten for these few yrs. Though a tad expensive 🙁

  3. simply because I have never been there and game to try out the food 🙂

  4. Because, i love food! And i never try Ipoh Lou Yau, so i want to give it a try :9

  5. I want because I Nv try this before 😛

  6. Chan chong Wah : March 20, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I simply love Ipoh food!

  7. Tan Li Charng : March 20, 2013 at 10:39 am

    I miss my ipoh Food!!!

  8. Love to try it.

  9. I want to try this!

  10. Lim Eng Keat : March 20, 2013 at 4:56 am

    That was delicious 🙂

  11. My husband is from ipoh and he bet Singapore has no real ipoh food. So I'm going to prove him wrong!

  12. I want cos it looks v mouthwatering and delicious ! Nvr tried Ipoh delicacy b4.

  13. I have never been to Ipoh before and so have not tried this food before. I really hope to be able to win this so as to give this mouthwatering dish a try! :))) A rare chance indeed!

  14. i want to try something which i have not tried before! 🙂

  15. Will like the voucher so that I can finally try the famous ipoh tau geh!!!

  16. Missy Grace L : March 20, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    I love Bean Sprouts and the food looks real yummy.

  17. Wow, my favorite Bean sprouts chicken

  18. For the big juicy beansprouts!

  19. Ipoh Boleh!!!

  20. I want to try it because I’m an Ipoh gal who enjoy real good Ipoh hor fun, and the juicy bean sprouts! Perhaps it’s good for me to make a comparison and try it in Singapore 😀

  21. Congrats to Janette Tan, you have won a $10 voucher from the Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken Giveaway! Please reply [email protected] with your full name and mailing address.

  22. Is it ex?

  23. Went there for lunch earlier. The dry hor fun was really dry, not sure if it was because the cook forgot to put in the oil. Anyway, I really love your food blog, hope to join you in your food quest next time! haha!

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