Osaka Ohsho – The King of Gyoza Arrives at Raffles City

Osaka Ohsho – The King of Gyoza Arrives at Raffles City

It’s about time that a shop specialising in gyoza opens in Singapore, since fried dumplings are always playing second fiddle to their ramen counterparts. Osaka Ohsho is said to be “The King of Gyoza in Osaka”, a franchise with more than 300 outlets in in Asia, and has finally arrived to Raffles City.

I was curious at all the Chinese-sounding dishes in this Japanese restaurant – like the Sichuan Mabo Tofu ($7.90), Ban Ban Chicken ($5.90), Hui Guo Ruo ($9.90) and Black Vinegar Fried Chicken ($9.90, $14.90 for set). That is because the gyoza specialist is also known for its Chuka Chinese-inspired dishes, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Like nearby neighbours Nam Nam Noodle Bar and Tiong Bahru Bakery, Osaka Ohsho has a long queue during lunchtime. (And you won’t miss the giant gyoza at the storefront.) Tables are aplenty, so the wait was not too long.

When you look at the prices on the menu, it’s little wonder why the attraction. $3.90 for six 1and $7.80 for twelve gyoza. That’s 65 cents per piece, way more affordable that some ramen shops selling them at least $5-6 for the same number.

I am a fan of different incarnations of dumplings, whether guotie, jiaozi or gyoza. But only when the skin is thin enough.

The verdict? The meat dumplings are delightfully pan-fried – loving its thinly crisp outer layer with skin freshly made daily with Japanese flour. The inner filling with pork and some cabbage and garlic, was slightly moist and could do with more juice. I like the bite-and-spurt like a xiao long bao feeling that it’s lacking. Know what I mean?

I finished all six single-handedly nevertheless.

Osaka Ohsho’s sets also come with three gyoza each, so you may want to portion it out or share with a friend. Unless nine gyoza is not a problem for you.

The table’s favourite was the intriguing Fuwatoro Tenshin Han ($9.90) which looks like omu-rice with mui-fan gravy. “Omu rice?” Waitress says, “No….. this softer.” Indeed the omelette blanketing over is quite fluffy, almost pillow-like with fluffy Koshihikari rice within. Definitely Osaka Ohsho’s star dish.

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Osaka Ohsho Singapore
#B1-75 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103 (Raffles City MRT), Tel: +65 6338 5584
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:45pm

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  1. Gyoza of course!

  2. Cecilia Joven : January 3, 2013 at 4:21 am

    Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  3. looks yummy!

  4. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!
    I am a egg person! 😛

  5. Yummy yummy for OUR tummy!
    I would definitely order the Osaka Ohsho’s set! and more Gyoza for my lovely kids!

  6. Lots of Gyozas…..

  7. Gyoza will be 1st on the list! Next will be anything Japanese related like miso soup, teriyaki chicken etc! 🙂

  8. yum yum I also want to go eat.

  9. my family n I <3 Gyoza.. so its a must for me!

  10. Gambatte!

  11. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  12. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

  13. Lim Jun Liang : January 3, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    Of course gyoza will be my top of my choice. Followed by Fuwatoro Tenshin Han which looks and feel like comfort food for rainy days:)

  14. I would love to try their signature gyoza which looks crispy on the bottom which resembles chinese guo tie

  15. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  16. Super love this gyoza 🙂

  17. I want to try the japanese version of hui guo ruo. And would also hope to try the black vinegar fried chicken and see whether hifumi’s or their version taste better

  18. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han! 😀
    Look so yummy!

  19. Gyoza!

  20. Yummy!!!

  21. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

  22. Gyoza.Gyoza.Gyoza.

  23. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han and Gyoza!

  24. Definitely gyoza & fuwatoro tenshin han 🙂

  25. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han loooks really goood! and of course gyoza to go with it 😉

  26. Gyoza!!!! haha. After all Osaka Ohsho is said to be “The King of Gyoza in Osaka”.

  27. Gyoza and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  28. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

  29. Black Vinegar Fried Chicken , Osaka Ohsho’s sets.

  30. The food looks yummy! Love to try out Fuwatoro Tenshin Han and Gyoza. The Gyoza seems to nice to resist.

  31. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  32. If I won the vouchers, I would like to bring my family to try the Osaka Ohsho's set and additional Gyoza, love how crispy these are! And I'm a fan of gyoza too!

  33. Happy 2013! Liked and RT!

    I would definitely order the Black Vinegar Fried Chicken set because I really like the tangy taste of vinegar and the set is because I want to try the star product, Gyoza!

  34. Definitely the Gyoza!!!

    Liked and shared on both Facebook + Twitter ^_^

  35. Happy New Year!

    I would order the Gyoza (set of 12) as it is value for money in a restaurant setting. Some food centres already charge this amount, and there isn’t even any air-con sometimes!

    Liked & shared on FB!

  36. Black Vinegar Fried Chicken and Osaka Ohsho Gyoza.

  37. Ban Ban Chicken.
    Fried Chicken with Negi Sauce.
    Osaka Ohsho Gyoza.
    Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  38. I love Gyoza.

  39. I missed eating gyoza in Osaka… so I can't afford to miss it again.

  40. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han 🙂

    shared on fb:
    and twitter:

    Happy 2013

  41. This looks good. Would like to try it out at The King of Gyoza.

  42. I tried Gyoza in Hokkaido last year and they are delicious.

  43. Black Vinegar Fried Chicken.

  44. Definitely the star goyza and the tenshin han! 😀

  45. I want to try Gyoza…Fuwatoro Tenshin Han…and go back again and again to eat some more.

  46. If I won I would definitely order the Gyoza as I'm a fan of gyoza! and also the Saba Shioyaki! 🙂

  47. if i win i will confirm order the gyoza ! as i am a gyoza fan ! and also the saba shioyaki 🙂

  48. Black Vinegar Fried Chicken and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  49. Gyoza!

  50. Of course the Gyoza!

  51. Definitely Gyoza!! and my hubby is a huge fan of Gyoza, would love to bring him for date night! 🙂

  52. Yummy! Love Gyoza so much since young! A MUST GO for me to try! 🙂 will bring my dad to go try as well!

  53. love the gyoza! i can have tt everyday!

  54. Definitely the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han cuz I love eggs! Not to forget gyozaaa!

  55. I would wanna try the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han. It looks interesting..and i love eggs!! the prices are so attractive! 😀

  56. Liked, shared, and now commenting! 😀

    I would really like to try the Black Vinegar Fried Chicken set, it sounds very “heavy” and I like food as such! Hope to win to bring in a good new year!

  57. I want to eat the Gyoza!

  58. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  59. I would order the gyozas and the fuwatoro tenshin han as I’m a lover of dumplings of any type, whether Japanese or Chinese and I love omelettes too, and would want to try this new ‘type’ of omu lookalike 🙂 😛

  60. definitely must try gyoza & Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  61. Need my GYOZA FIX !! always have the fried version miss the pan-fried one ;(

  62. My family and I love the delicious Gyoza very much! 🙂

  63. Tang Kwong Yuen : January 3, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Ban Ban Chicken , Hui Guo Ruo, Black Vinegar Fried Chicken , gyoza and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  64. Would love to try the Gyoza of course, since it is known as “King of Gyoza”.

  65. im so going to order lots & lots of gyoza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fwahahahaha~~

  66. I will like to try gyoza, Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, Ban Ban Chicken , Hui Guo Ruo, Black Vinegar Fried Chicken.

  67. Would definitely spam on the gyoza! Love gyoza~

  68. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  69. If I won the vouchers, I will try gyoza, Ban Ban Chicken , Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  70. definitely has to be the signature gyoza!

  71. Ban Ban Chicken ,Hui Guo Ruo and Black Vinegar Fried Chicken ! 🙂

  72. Love to try Osaka Ohsho’s star dish "Fuwatoro Tenshin Han" and their Black Vinegar Fried Chicken.

  73. I would like to order Fuwatoro Tenshin Han & Hui Guo Ruo.

  74. definitely the gyoza! I love gyozas~! And the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  75. I am a gyoza fan, hence will definitely want to try gyoza.

  76. i can easily finish all 12 gyozas! MUAHAHAHAHA

  77. looks yummy.. hope I could win the vouchers and be there to try it. 🙂
    Cheers & gd day to all!

  78. Great post! I am drooling over the pictures! I would definitely love to try the Osaka Ohsho’s star dish- Fuwatoro Tenshin Han and nicely pan-fried gyoza. Hope to win the voucher and satisfy my cravings soon! =)

  79. NO DOUBT THE GYOZA IS A MUST ORDER!!! Your photos already made it so mouthwatering! I would Love to try their Eggplant with Chicken in Miso sauce, or their Salmon Suki Yaki. ^^

  80. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.

  81. 12 piece gyoza and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han!

  82. I will like to use the vouchers to eat the must-try gyoza , follow by Ban Ban Chicken , Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, etc.


  84. Gambatte!

  85. The dishes I’d order would include Fuwatoro Tenshin Han and gyoza.

  86. Kristy Cheong : January 4, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Gyoza and Fuwatoro Tenshin han!!yummy !!:D

  87. I would order gyoza since i am a BIG FAN of it! =)

  88. gyoza…

  89. I would definitely order their Osaka Ohsho’s sets ! It has got everything inside! Drooling*

  90. Gyoza!

  91. Gyoza!!!

  92. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han looks yummy!

  93. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han looks yummy!

  94. I would love to try the Osaka Ohsho sets and the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

  95. I would order their pan-fried Gyoza! I really hope they can open a few more outlets in Singapore since their Gyoza are so tasty!

  96. I will definitely order all their famous and intriguing dishes. I will love to try their gyoza, Ban Ban Chicken, Black Vinegar Fried Chicken and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han! I am a big Gyoza Fan!:):)

  97. I will definitely indulge in their signature gyoza and some ramen! 😀

  98. Gambatte!

  99. Everything gyoza

  100. Gyoza and Fuwatoro Tenshin Han 🙂

  101. Hong Jingting : January 8, 2013 at 2:27 am

    gyoza for sure 😀

  102. I would try the gyoza cos I am the ultimate gyoza fan!

  103. OH.GOODNESS. I.LOVE.GYOZA! <3 <3!

    I would order:-
    1. Gyoza (like alot!)
    2. Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (Jap omelette).
    3. Ban Ban Chicken.

    (I'm drooling already.. :p)

  104. I will order the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han & lotsa of Meat Dumplings! And if the tummy space permits, I would definitely want to try the Chef Recommendation Dishes! :))

  105. Shirlene Chang : January 9, 2013 at 5:42 am

    Oh my i would definately try the gyoza and the omu ric advertized here as i have yet to try this restaurant! 🙂

  106. Congrats to Audre MI, Ken Ho, Koreen Hong, SZ Li and Goh Xian Hui on winning 1 set of $20 vouchers from Gyoza Specialist Osaka Ohsho Singapore! Please email [email protected] with your name, contact and address. Arigatoo!

    For the rest who didn’t win, it’s okay – look out for more giveaways coming up on !

  107. Good site you have here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours these days.
    I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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