Christmas Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia

Christmas Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia

Ho Ho Ho, tis the season to be jolly. If you are up for something different and special from the usual logcake and fruit cakes, Da Paolo Gastronomia is introducing an edible festive wreath!

This wreath ($24.80, serves 10-12 persons) is made entirely of crunchy cornflakes moulded together with icing, and topped with candied fruit and roasted nuts. Not a white chocolate person? It is available in in sexy dark chocolate as well. You may be tempted to hang it up like a usual wreath, but don’t.

If you are familiar with the chocolate cornflake goodies you usually get during other festivals, this is similar-tasting, except with much more chocolate and a louder crunch.

[Christmas Giveaway ended] – Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia
In the spirit of giving and sharing, Da Paolo Gastronomia will be giving away 5 Fruit & Nut White Chocolate Cornflakes Festive Wreath to 5 blessed Daniel’s Food Diary readers.

All you need to do is to
Step 1: LIKES the FaceBook pages of Daniel’s Food Diary
Step 2: Share this post on Facebook
Step 3: Leave a comment to name the Da Paolo Gastronomia branch featured below
(Even if you do not know, make a guess in the name of fun.)

Results will be announced Fri 7 Dec 2012. Contest winners must collect the festive wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia at Paragon Orchard Road from 10-16 Dec 2012.

Da Paolo Gastronomia is found at Bt Timah, East Coast, Holland Village, Marina Bay, Orchard, Raffles Place, River Valley (Great World City), Serangoon Gardens.

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  1. Orchard

  2. Orchard! 🙂

  3. Orchard!:)

  4. Da Paolo Gastronomia Holland Village branch

  5. Da Paolo Gastronomia Serangoon Gardens outlet

  6. Orchard

  7. It is the branch at river valley, Great World City! Confirm! Heehee 😀

  8. Orchard! 🙂

  9. Great World City

  10. Orchard.

  11. River valley(great world city).

  12. River Valley(Great World City)

  13. Orchard

  14. Orchard 🙂

  15. River Valley (Great World City).

  16. Orchard 😀

  17. orchard

  18. Great World City

  19. Orchard

  20. Orchard

  21. My guess would be Holland Village :))

  22. Orchard

  23. Orchard paragon!

  24. River Valley(Great World City)

  25. Orchard

  26. Kathy Woon-Tan : December 4, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Great World City (River Valley)

  27. Orchard

  28. Orchard

  29. My guess will be River Valley (Great World City)

    I’ve never try the Fruit & Nut White Chocolate Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia and it look great to end a X’mas celebration with it =)

  30. Orchard! 😀

  31. Great world city!!!!

  32. River Valley(Great World City)

  33. Orchard

  34. Great world city!

  35. Orchard ~

  36. Great World City.

  37. Have shared this post and liked your FB page. I guess this branch is Great World City's 🙂

  38. Orchard

  39. River Valley (Great World City).

  40. River Valley (Great World City)

  41. My guess is River Valley ( Great World City )

    Let’s continue to spread the Season of Cheers as we welcome Christmas : ) Ho Ho Ho !

  42. Hong Jingting : December 5, 2012 at 4:34 am

    River valley(great world city).

  43. Great World City 🙂

  44. great world city

  45. River Valley (Great World City)

  46. Hmmmm… orchard

  47. Great World City

  48. Orchard =)

  49. Gastronomia – River Valley

  50. River Valley (Great World City)

  51. Annabelle Tong : December 7, 2012 at 3:41 am


  52. Orchard

  53. Congratulations to Kathy Woon-Tan, Ng Qi Yan, Chin Ming, Juliet Teo and June Lee, you have won for yourself a Fruit & Nut White Chocolate Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia. Please send your contact details to [email protected]

    More Christmas giveaways coming next week! Ho Ho Ho!

  54. Great World City

  55. Kathy Woon-Tan : December 14, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks Daniel..
    The Fruit & Nut White Chocolate Cornflakes Festive Wreath from Da Paolo Gastronomia is fantastic.. we <3 it so so much!

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