[Closed] The Manhattan Pizza Co – Huge XXXL Pizzas Lands In Singapore

[Closed] The Manhattan Pizza Co – Huge XXXL Pizzas Lands In Singapore

I have never been to Manhattan or the New York to judge their pizzas, but I do know that this Manhattan Pizza Co in Singapore serves HUGE ones. Huge to the extent that the pizza filled the entire square table, huge that each slice is bigger than my hand, huge that 5 of my hungry friends could not finish the whole thing.

20 inches long to be exact.

“Chief” Joey Manoli brought their signature pizza from New York City to Singapore’s Orchard Central. The Napoli style pizza was created by Joey’s ‘Poppi’ (his papa) when their entire uprooted themselves to NYC, and made a good living out of it.

The restaurant is at a difficult-to-find basement location at Orchard Central, already known for its crazy navigation. Fortunately, Manhattan is located right next to Gong Cha which probably brought some customers in.

Initially, I was a little doubting. Red and yellow décor, matched with plastic chairs, and rather loud music screams ‘fast-food restaurant’ – not the kind of place I would enjoy having long chats with good friends over pizza slices and sides.

But, the pizzas are pretty affordable. The classic variety such as Hawaiian and Pepperoni are $38-$39, while the specialty range such as seafood and meat lover are $40-$42. A classic slice with a drink is $5.90.

Joey said that a Singaporean Tan Yi Ling was ‘schmoozing’ over their pizzas at NYC, which motivated him to come over Singapore for a look. (Interesting, I checked HungryGoWhere and there is a Tan Yi Ling giving positive reviews on Manhattan. I wonder if Joey knows.)

My gym-going friends and I shared a Meat Lover / Roast Duck half and half combination ($42), with an OMG moment when the pizza first landed on our table. Proven right that size does matter.

The dough is not the thin sliced kind that many Singaporeans love, but something more real, chewy and doughy that is true to the pizza that comes from the other side of the world.

We loved the Meat Lover, but not as much as the Roast Duck which has a made-in-Singapore flavour. Tasting rather similar to other Peking duck pizza versions, this has slightly thicker slices of duck meat with an addictive roast meat plum sauce. We were surprised that the ‘ang mohs’ made this oriental pizza so well, so well that we finished that other half clean.

Warning that eating here will temporary throw all diet plans away. Each slice is 10 inches, a definite value-for-money. That’s why the Manhattan Pizza people always say “We put the XXX in XXXL.”

The Manhattan Pizza Co Classic Pizzas Giveaway!
The Manhattan Pizza Co is giving away vouchers to 5 lucky Daniel’s Food Diary readers to redeem a free 20″ Classic Pizza Of Your Choice.

All you need to do is
1) *Likes* the FaceBook Page of Daniel’s Food Diary,
2) Share this post on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter AND
3) Leave a comment below to name one Pizza Flavour you hope Chief Joey will make. Be creative! (His other flavours)

Giveaway will end next Wednesday, 31 Oct 2012.

The Manhattan Pizza Company M.P.C. Singapore
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, B1-01 (next to Gong Cha), Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT) Tel: 800 852 3887 (toll-free)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Thur), 11 am – 10.30 pm (Fri – Sun)

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  1. Luncheon Meat with egg

  2. Kung Po Chicken!

  3. Omega 3 seafood & power berries!

  4. char siew with deep fried wanton

    • I think anything with fried wanton will taste good. lol. But one of the pizza shops around has something similar right?

  5. chicken Bacon with melted cheese

  6. Beef rendang with onions and carrots on chewy crust made from wholemeal wheat

  7. Durian 😀

  8. Hainanese chicken. Why not since there is Roast Duck.

  9. Honey Oat Stuffed crust Pizza

  10. Something Korean would be nice! – Bulgogi with giant bean sprouts sprinkled with seaweed 🙂

  11. Seafood Tom Yum flavour! I just came back from Bangkok and i’m missing the food =)

  12. how about Otak and sambal chilli!!!!

  13. Mangosteen with durian sauce and make it Singapore style! Haha. Implementing some local flavours would be nice 🙂

  14. Roasted Garlic & Shrimp!

  15. Vincent Lee Wee Ping : October 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    I want a super meat pizza, full of meat like pork, bacon, chicken, roast duck, ham, top with lots of cheese and a few raw egg on it just before being served

  16. Chili Crabs! It’s almost everyone favorite!

  17. black ink squid with parmesan cheese

  18. Roasted duck please…

  19. I am seafood lover, hope to eat mixture seafood pizza with chili crab, prawn, lobster and clam. How about fruity pizza (all kind of fruits) healthy and suitable for young children 😉

  20. how about kaya pizza! =)

    shared on FB

  21. Black Truffle Pizza. All 20″ of it is sure to disappear

  22. Unagi, egg and seaweed! I am a jap food lover =p

  23. kimchi ^^

  24. Joey is loving what he’s seeing!! You guys are inspiring him! Sure to have a pizza or two come out this list! Love – Team MPC

  25. I’d love to see them make a Japanese-inspired okonomiyaki pizza 🙂

  26. lobster meat with king prawns and mussels!

  27. Uni & otoro lol 😀

  28. Hainanese beef stew

  29. It is quiet amazing to see no one suggesting an Indian flavor.
    I would highly suggest Paneer based Pizza. Paneer is an unsalted,fresh cheese quiet common in India. Perhaps a roast of paneer with toppings of bell pepper. OK I am salivating now… 🙂

  30. otak otak with loads of fish and prawns

  31. Succulent roasted chicken chunks with sweet, fragrant Chinese sausages, tiny bits of salted fish, and pineapple bits on pizza! *droolz*… Can consider this for a CNY special. 😉

  32. I think three types of mushroom – shiitake, swiss brown and button with heaps of garlic
    or maybe truffles and mushrooms… MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm Yummy!!

  33. roast meats with cucumber 🙂

  34. Gu Lok Yoke, would be the Chinese equivalent of Hawaiian!

  35. Laksa! 😛

  36. tom yam!

  37. SWEET PIZZA!! Nutella + banana + coconut + almonds + granola (or any of your fav sweets things!!!)

  38. 1) Liked the FaceBook Page of Daniel’s Food Diary,
    2) Shared this post on Facebook
    3) Cheesy Prawn

  39. smoked salmon<3

  40. BBQ prawn!

  41. Cheesy Prawn

  42. Crabby and lobster pizza please!

  43. I would like a pizza topped with lots of cheese and Mutton Chilli Fry.

  44. I think I’ll have a pizza topped with Cheese, Beef and Pork Roast

  45. Durian Pizza

  46. I love to see jackfruit Pizza

  47. Hope to see fresh fruit toppings pizza.

  48. Rojak!

  49. Yeong Beng Tan : October 30, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    I hope to have all the meat combo (seafood, beef, mutton, pork, chicken, duck) and pineapple, onion, cheese, apple, mango on the pizza

  50. I’m a seafood person, so I’ll love a scallops, mussels, shrimps and squid pizza!

  51. Teresa Tang Yoke Lan : October 31, 2012 at 12:17 am

    I like anythings that are seafood or meat and contain pineapple

  52. A sweet pizza with yam like ‘orh nee’, the yam paste dessert or a salty version like the crispy yam puff in dim sum.

  53. curry bacon pizza

  54. Nasi lemak pizza (;

  55. Oriental-inspired pizza!! For example, Indian curry pizza, Korean Kimchi Pizza, Japanese Pizza (sushi) roll, Chinese Salted Egg Crab, Thai Tom Yam seafood!!! HAHA!! got many more savory and sweet variations!! 😀

  56. A pizza for someone who loves to eat tidbits! I would love the pizza to have toppings like tortilla chips, bak kwa, Kit Kat, Oreo biscuits, Nutella, marshmallows and cashew nuts – would be nice after it’s baked in the oven!

  57. Green tea red bean banana pizza

  58. And the winners are *drum roll*………….

    1) Carol Lim – Luncheon Meat & Egg
    2) The Dead Cockroach – Kung Po Chicken
    3) Eileen – Otah and Sambal Chilli
    4) Chen Fulai – Tom Yum
    5) Pei Chwen – “Orh Nee”

    Congrats! Thank you Manhattan Pizza Co for the giveaway and picking the winners. I will contact all of you on your vouchers.

    PsssssT.. let you in on a secret…. Joey and team are indeed trying the suggestions. Watch out this space! 🙂

  59. congrats to all =(

  60. Hi everyone, the Manhattan Pizza Company actually just made a Bulgogi pizza based on our suggestions. It is called the “DA” Bulgogi pizza… named after ME! lol

  61. Smoked Salmon with Smoked Duck

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