Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall – 5 Best Stalls At This Shopping & Food Paradise


[Bangkok, Thailand] Fellow shopaholics listen up. You cannot go to Bangkok without a visit to The Platinum Fashion Mall, a six-storey fashion, clothes, accessories, bags retail and wholesale mall.

Food lovers can also proceed to Level 6 to try its very popular food court where you can try the best of Thai food at a single place, at a very affordable price. Plus it’s air-conditioned.

Back during a visit in 2014, the foodcourt had a major revamp – prices went up (have updated them) with greater variety of food.

The Food Centre is located at L6 on its 2nd Mall, and can get very crowded during peak hours. There are easily more than 30 stalls, selling cheap Thai food with some selling Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese offerings.

While half of the group is probably filled with tourists, the locals (probably staff here) also dine here. Food price is cheap cheap. Compared to its counterpart over at Mahboonkrong MBK, it feels more convenient and cleaner as you make your purchases with a pre-paid card compared to paper coupons. (Read about: MBK Foodcourt)

Stewed Beef with Noodle Claypot (Stall P17)
My favourite stall at the entire foodcourt, the stewed beef combination soup (80 Baht, SGD$3.20, USD$2.40) comes with different ingredients of sliced beef, intestine, tendon and meatballs served in a claypot.

The soup, part spicy and part herbal, is extremely flavoursome and goes well with fragrant Thai rice. The beef tendons and intestines are stewed so soft that they almost melt in your mouth.

Fried Oyster Omelette (Stall P13)
The stall called “Shell to Fry, Thai Fried Noodle”, which has the longest queue during lunchtime, sells familiar Thai street fare such as Pad Thai with Prawn (75 Baht, SGD$3.00 USD$2.45,), Thai Fried Glass Noodle (50 Baht, SGD$2.00, USD$1.60) and Hoy Tod Fried Oyster (75 Baht).

The Fried Oyster Omelette is very crispy on its edge, fried with fresh oysters, served on top on crunchy beansprouts. Do add some sweet sauce on its side for extra oomph. I did wish it was a tad less oily.

Rice with Stewed Pork Limb (Stall P1)
Another favourite with tourists, the rice has stewed pork (45 Baht, SGD$1.80, USD$1.37) cooked till tender, soft, juicy and full of taste. The pork on its own can be slightly salty though, so have it with rice.

If you just want to savour the meat, the Stewed Pork Limb alone is 450 Baht. You can work out the Maths.

Sticky Rice with Mango (Stalls in the centre)
This is the must-have dessert in Bangkok. The mangos are so so so so sweet. Their version (100 Baht, SGD$4.00, USD$3.00) comes with a sticky rice of black, red and white and sago beans to add an extra crunch. Very filling, yet satisfying.

Claypot Kuay Chap (Stall P12)
The Kuay Chap Rolled Rice Noodle Soup (50 Baht, SGD$2.00, USD$1.50) with the tender pig intestines did not disappoint. The soup retained its heat because it is stored in a claypot.

I did not fancy the rice noodles as it was slightly thick and rolled up, and would have preferred if it came in thinner flat sheets.

Talking about shopping, the shops operate on a ‘wholesale’ principle – one piece is retail price, and more pieces warrant a wholesale price. For example, one T-shirt can cost 190 Baht, but five T-shirts at 700 Baht. That’s $28 for five tees! I went without expecting much, but with one entire floor dedicated to men’s fashion, I came back with a luggage full. Many are seen trolling Platinum Mall with empty suitcases, while some are finding supplies for their own blog shops.

Platinum mall is on Phetchaburi Road, next to Novotel Hotel, opposite Pratunam Complex, and a walking distance from Central World Plaza. It is about a 10 minute walk from Siam and Chitlom BTS, though Chitlom is slightly nearer. Seriously, the cabs are very cheap here, just take one to enjoy your shopping and food.

Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court
6th Floor (at Platinum Mall 2), 222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road, Ratchathevee, Bangkok, Thailand, Tel: +66 (0) 2121 8000
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm

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