5 Stalls To Try At Maxwell Food Centre

5 Stalls To Try At Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Road Food Centre. I am sure some of you have your favourite stalls there including: Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Zhen Zhen Porridge , Lao Ban Beancurd , Hoe Kee Porridge and Dim Sum, Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon, Hum Jin Pang, and Special Shanghai Tim-Sum .

Here are 5 Stalls you may want to try:

Tian Tian Chicken Rice
Probably one of Singapore’s most famous chicken rice stall, Tian Tian’s winning formula to me has to be its rice. Even Anthony Bourdain said that the chicken rice is so fragrant and delicious that it can be eaten on its own. The rice is warm, fluffy, fragrant and tasty. So good I can just eat it with the chilli sauce. And you can always hop to Ah Tai Chicken Rice (their ex-Master chef) 2 stalls away for a comparison.

Zhen Zhen Porridge
If you liked your porridge thick and dense, cooked with broken grains instead of whole rice, you would find Zhen Zhen’s porridge pleasurable. Every spoonful of porridge I eaten was full of ingredients, such as chicken meat (or fish slices) and century egg, and other peripherals of spring onion, shallots and chopped preserved vegetables. That made the porridge un-plain and exciting to eat. BUT, be prepared to wait for a very, very, very long time. And they close really early.

Black Pepper Char Siew Rice & Noodles
While this is not Maxwell’s most known stall, it has been around for the last 14 years. We have tried many types of char siew noodles but how about black pepper char siew dumpling noodles ($4.50)? This is very close to the styled served in Hong Kong, with springy wanton noodles topped with thickly sliced char siew and leafy kai lan. Owner Mr Lim explained that thick cut of the roast meat is to let customers enjoy the meat’s succulence and tenderness better

Special Shanghai Tim-Sum
Special Shanghai Tim-Sum is better known as “that dumpling stall from Queenstown”, and has since relocated to Maxwell. I will always go for their fried guotie, which has a unique crispy thin skin, and delicious juicy fillings. I know that their Hot & Sour Soup ($4) is a hot favourite among loyal customers too. It’s thick, eggy and only slightly spicy, reeking of simple home-cooked goodness.

Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon
Jin Hua prepares Cantonese style fish head beehoon soup, and its selling point is in its hot piping milk fish broth. At $4 per bowl, this comes with a few chunks of fried fish, which tastes really succulent and yummy when it absorbs all the thick soup. The thick vermicelli is interesting thinner, and cooked more al dente than the usual. Be prepared to wait even during non-peak hours (took me 20 min when I went about 11:30am), as the chef cooks only two pots at the time,

Which is that ONE stall you always try at Maxwell?

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  1. Oyster Cake !!!!!

  2. Oh no! I will be visiting SG in October and was excited to try Maxwell. 🙁 Is there a place where the stalls will move temporarily while Maxwell is under renovation?

    • Nope, the hawkers would go for holidays or take English lessons (as mentioned in the blog. Seriously). Try Chinatown Food Centre. Good alternative 🙂 and Welcome to Singapore!

  3. Judi Chapnick : January 19, 2013 at 3:45 am

    January 2013. It looks great, so clean, including restrooms. Try stand 90 for Helen's Iced Coffee

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