ShareTea – Launching 18 Hot Milk Teas

ShareTea - Launching 18 Hot Milk Teas

The bubbletea craze in Singapore seems to have lasted longer that the last one a decade ago, and seems to be staying for quite a while more. The way to stay ahead is really variey and innovation, and therefore Share Tea has launched 18 hot milk teas and will be introducing a new cream series very soon.

Indeed, the Handmade Taro Fresh Milk ($5.40) is the next best thing I have tried at ShareTea, other than the original classic milk bubble tea. Loved that it is not overly sweet or thick, and that it has bite-sized yam bits to ‘play’ with while drinking.

Daniel’s Food Diary speaks to Ms Hong Ke Jia, owner of ShareTea Singapore to share her bubbletea experiences.

Why did you decide to bring ShareTea to Singapore?
In May 2010, one of our shareholders came across ShareTea in Hongkong and decided to give it a try as she was intrigued by the long queue at the outlet. She ordered the Red Bean Milk Tea and was won over by the taste.

After her memorable experience, we decided to do a market research on ShareTea and we discovered that the brand was in more than one way different from the bubble teas we know.

The bubbletea competition in Singapore is tough. There is Koi, Gong Cha, A-Gan Tea, Artease Café and many brands. How is ShareTea different from other brands then?
For example, ShareTea offers a fresh fruit tea series using fresh fruit juices. The juices are first frozen below 40 degree Celsius before being exported to various countries. They are later defrosted at the outlets prior to use so consumers are assured of authenticity and quality.

Using real fruit juice in bubble teas is uncommon in Singapore’s market as fruit concentrate or syrups are often added as an alternative because it may cost less and is easier to obtain.

ShareTea sells many types of drinks, over 50 items in the menu – the classic Taiwanese bubble tea, Yakult drink, fruit teas, fresh milk and a filling QQ Happy Family Tea with six different toppings all in one cup. What is your personal favourite flavour?
That’s a tough question, the list can get really long!My latest favourite is our Winter Melon Series, specifically Wintermelon Lime and Wintermelon with Sea Salt Crème, which will be launched in the month of July.

And I understand that you also concoct special beverages for organisations. That’s quite unheard of in the bubbletea world.
That is for SAFRA’s 40th anniversary which got me totally hooked. It is a blend of strawberry and lime. The strawberry red colour of the drink symbolises SAFRA’s 40 sweet Ruby years, while the slight tartness from the lime gives the drink a refreshing after taste.

What is the top selling bubbletea flavour in Singapore?
ShareTea’s bestselling beverages from the milk tea range include the Pearl Milk Tea and Homemade Pudding Milk Tea. Most consumers tend to opt for milk teas as they seek familiar flavours.

How about the non-milk tea series?
The Aloha Fruit Tea, Ume Plum Fruit Tea and Honey Aloe Vera make up the top 3 spots.

Tell us something about the differences between the ShareTea bubble tea in Singapore and Taiwan.
The R&D team is dedicated to conjuring localised concoctions that suit Singaporeans’ palate and lifestyle. One of our latest beverage additions includes the “No-Tea” (Non-Caffeinated) series which we designed for young children and pregnant ladies who may want to avoid caffeine. With these efforts, bubble tea enthusiasts can definitely look forward to more exclusive and exciting drinks to come.

ShareTea Giveaway [Contest Ended]!
To celebrate the opening of three new outlets at Great World City, Jurong Point and JCube, ShareTea would be giving away 3 sets of $20 vouchers to 3 lucky Daniel’s Food Diary readers.

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Leave a comment below to say you have done so. Results will be announced next Mon 9 July 2012. Contest winners must be addressees of Singapore to facilitate postage.

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