My Fat Lady Makes Fab Cupcakes

My Fat Lady Makes Fab Cupcakes

“My Fat Lady” is actually Edna, owner of this cupcake shop which used to be found at a charming, nostalgic and less-discovered Haji Lane (It has moved to Jalan Rumah Tinggi near Alexandra Road).

I was keen to try the cakes at this shop only because of its name – It seemed to suggest very delish desserts.

I entered this little white retail store and found this lady, grinning with the widest smile, wearing red framed spectacles and pink apron. “Ah, you must be My Fat Lady!” I was right.

I could not help not notice the very whimsical interior of the shop. It has half-coloured colurful wall, one small table in the entire shop, and tea pots and cups. Very Alice-in-Wonderland.

This cake maker was actually a jewellery designer but toyed with baking to please ‘her fat husband’. Her shop only sold 6 or 7 flavours of cupcakes, and her eye for design worked well. My Fat Lady’s cakes made with creativity and honest love has gained much popularity via word of mouth, especially the customised Angry Birds and Panda cakes which are very sought after.

Edna’s personal favourite cupcake flavour is the Sticky Date Pudding, with the most popular flavours amongst customers being the Rich Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes. The chocolate cupcake, experiemented after a hundred over tries, was simply one of the best I ever tasted. Imagine thick and decadent chocolate within a moist and warm fluffy cupcake. It is a ‘sin’ worthwhile.

The red velvet with cream cheese on top, is a raspberry flavoured cake which is unique with tangy and sweet essence burstin all over. Very suitable for ladies.

Edna calls her shop “The Fat Lady” because she feels that everyone should not feel the need to comply with society’s stick thin standards. She is comfortable in her own skin and believes that “There is a fat lady in every one of us” – One who is indulgent in sweet treats.

My Fat Lady Cupcakes (My Fat Lady has moved from Haji Lane)
37 Jalan Rumah Tinggi 01-401, Singapore, Singapore 150037 Tel: +65 9025 4126
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 11am – 7pm (Closed on Mon)

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  1. Yes, we should all let our inner Fat Ladies out! Cute cupcakes!

  2. She’s my classmates during my schooling days in nafa! 😀

  3. The beautiful cupcake picture prompted me to click this, red velvet with cream cheese – nice picture!

  4. Is it still at haji lane?

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