Hong Kong Sun Kee Desserts – What’s Next at NEX

Hong Kong Sun Kee Desserts - What's Next at NEX

The Nex in Serangoon Central is the latest shopping mall that is creating a buzz among Singaporean shoppers and diners. Despite carpark woes, narrow walkways and the ubiquitous retail shops, crowds have continued packing it in.

I had a meal at Hong Kong Sun Kee Desserts. The Hong Kong Braised Beef Noodle ($6.80) had springy noodles and tender beef, but the seasoning was so plain that it felt like the cooks forgot to include any sauces. Perhaps the strength of Hong Kong Sun Kee was really in its desserts, with many choices sold out rather early.

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Hong Kong Sun Kee Desserts, B1-46 23 Serangoon Central NEX
Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:30pm (Daily)

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  1. the mango pudding was not bad but it wasn’t t touching half and the almond paste tasted sour.

  2. The mango pudding was nice but it wasn’t half is it because it was it was on offer and the price was less than half the price?

  3. The paste had a sour taste it was very disappointing!

  4. Nex hong kong sunkee dessert totally bad as a shit

  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I do agree that some of the desserts there can be improved in taste and quantity. But they keep opening more branches, so what do you think they are doing right?

    • price, affordability, everyone knows the chinese saying “一分钱,一分货”, i.e. quality for every dollar. i guess with their pricing, the food quality and portion is rather decent for an eatery in a mall that has a concept in between food courts and more expensive restaurants like crystal jade? for those really particular about tastes i think they won’t mind paying that extra dollar for better quality

  6. it didnt taste nice at all..esp the mango pudding…too watery…im not going back there to eat..:(

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