Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记 – Wonton Noodle Heaven

Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记 98, Wellington St. Central, Hong Kong Tel: 2850 6471
Daily: 8am – 10 pm

Ms Camemberu and I were each sharing about our favourite wonton noodles in Hong Kong.

Hers was the well-known Mak’s, even patronised by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. 麥奀記 literally meant “Mak’s stingy noodles”, a reference to the tiny portions served in small bowls to keep the noodles from going soggy.

And it turned out that my number one shop was just right opposte Mak’s at Wellington Street, Central -Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记

Tsim Chai Kee served just noodles with three different toppings – shrimp wonton, beef slices, or fish ball. If you are going to be hungry, greedy, or as half-hearted as I was, then opt for the all-in-one noodle soup. For just HK$25.

Both Camemberu and I lamented that it was impossible to find Wanton Mee here which were vaguely of close standards to the ones found in Hong Kong. The noodles found in Hong Kong though were bright yellow and waxy, had an exceptional thin, stringy, chewy al dente quality that was good enough to eat on its own.

The shrimp wontons at Tsim were incomparable – fresh chunky prawns and minced pork packed into a big ping pong sized dumpling that gave a tasty crunch on every bite. (Why can’t the wantons here be the same size?)

Just as you thought the wontons were big, the fishballs were bigger! They were not the usual white bouncy ones that we are familiar with, but starchy versions made from minced Chinese mud crap and other ingredients. Every bite was a mirage of different tastes, as though pieces of yong tau foo were merged into one.

The light brown sliced beef slices, though seldom seen as an addition to such noodles, were absolutely complimentary with its soft tender texture.

Add a tinge of specially made chill sauce into the bouillon and you would be in wonton noodle heaven.

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