Pontian Wanton Mee 笨珍云吞面 – Not Authentic, But Who Cares?


A friend from Hong Kong was kind of disgusted at Singapore’s wanton noodles. “I have never seen char siew so thinly sliced! It can break the record of the thinnest char siew ever.”

Other than the roasted pork, Singapore’s version of extraordinary tiny and flat prawnless wantons can almost break that record too.

Similarly, the Malaysian’s wanton mee is popular locally, with the “Pontian Wanton Mee 笨珍云吞面” brand appearing in several coffee shop stalls throughout the island. However, residents of Pontian (Johore) would tell you that those sold here are so unlike their familiar versions of “Heng Heng 兴兴云吞” and “8383 南荣餐室的新记云吞面”. So much for authenticity.

But… 笨珍 Wanton Mee is almost everywhere in Singapore now! For fans craving that ketchup goodness in your wanton noodles in town, head down to youthland Far East Plaza. The Graffiti café from Heeren had moved here, with more graffiti, more space and more tables, selling the good-old famous Pontian noodles and drinks.

The queue was long – and patrons had to take a number like a visit to an overcrowded clinic on a Monday morning. (While waiting, tou could probably spend your time reading mushy love messages written on the tables and walls.)

There were three choices of the sauce base: ketchup without chili, chili or black sauce with chili.

I found that the standard dropped from the first time when I tried it back at Heeren. The noodles were rather lumpy, and therefore did not mix well with the sauce. More sauce please. Nevertheless, the deep fried wanton dipped in sinful mayonnaise sauce were still light crunchy and enjoyable.

With the Hong Kong and Malaysian wanton mee quite distinct, have you wondered which brand would best represent the ‘Singapore Wanton Mee’? Kok Kee 国记, Cho Kee 曹记, Fei Fei 飞飞?

Graffiti Cafe Far East Plaza Level 1

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