Can You Name The Ramens?

Can You Name The Ramens?

Ramen, Ramen, oh you see them all around now, and there’s no stopping as more shops are opening up in this Sunny island.

Now, have you been to a local Ramen store, not knowing the difference between the Sapporos, Hakatas, Wakayama and Kyushus? Just order from the picture lah! Same-same!

Following my Pasta Quiz, here’s a Guess the Ramen Quiz – What are the following types of Ramens?

They include:
• Sapporo ramen
• Kyushu-style (Tonkotsu) ramen
• Tokyo-style ramen
• Kitakata ramen
• Hakata ramen
• Kogashi ramen







A good test to see if you really know what you are eating… Make your Guesses here by leaving a comment. Answers will be revealed… next week! Hahaha.

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  1. Wow I din even know there are so many different kinds of ramen!

  2. Is there a prize if I get it correct?

  3. Hee Hee… anyhow guess one.. 😛

    A) Tokyo-style ramen
    B) Kogashi Ramen
    C) Sapporo Ramen
    D) Kitakata ramen
    E) Tonkotsu Ramen
    F) Hakata Ramen

  4. 4/6 Elaine. Well done!

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