More Ulu Food Places


It’s always fun to try out exciting new places to explore. Here are 5 more places to satisfy the adventurous streak in you.

6. Halia Restaurant at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Cuisine: Fusion set meals, sandwiches and salads
Price: $35-40 for a decent meal

Very “atas”, lovely greenery. What more can you ask for? You can enjoy the views of Botanical Gardens through glass windows, while you are seated in aircon setting.

7. Farmart at Chua Chu Kang Hill

Cuisine: Snacks, kopitiam food, seafood and Zi Char
Price: unknown

With a whole variety of different farms (including bee, koi, lotus, quail, orchid, ornamental fish, lobster, frog farms), it’s very educational for children especially those who have never seen a live chicken. A whole lot of hands-on activities, such as farm tours available as well.

8. Beach Culture at Pasir Ris Park

Cuisine: Western
Price: $25-30, more if you order alcohol

It’s near the beach, so you have got fabulous view, especially in the evening, food is fabulous, pretty good variety of drinks, call to reserve seats as they can get rather packed in the evenings (be sure to ask for seats on the outside for alfresco dining). There’s even a jazz band on some evenings.

9. Galley by the Straits at SAF Yacht Club (Admiralty)

Cuisine: Chinese food (Zi Char style)
Price: $20-25 per person (depending on how many going)

Other than enjoying the food, strong breeze and fresh air, you can look far upon at one of the yachts and imagine you own one.  Great place to day-dream.

10. Restoran Asli (in Johor Bahru)

Cuisine: Seafood, Zi Char-style
Price: $10-20 for a very satisfying seafood meal

If all else fails, travel with bunch of kakis across the causeway.  It’s perfect for Singaporeans who are always on the hunt for cheap and good food.

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