Noodle Café – $1.90 Thai Boat Noodle At Golden Mile

Entering Golden Mile may make you forget that you are still in Singapore. The complex which earned its reputation as Little Thailand could shock first-timers with how… different it is. ...

2it&drink – Fresh Italian Pasta and Oven-Fired Pizzas

The ‘dangerous’ thing that happened to me. Once you eat good freshly-made pasta, it can be quite difficult to go back to the regular commercial-types. I have been to 2it&drink ...

Bamee Gua – Bangkok’s Traditional Handmade Egg Noodles Since 1947

[Bangkok, Thailand] Bamee Gua (or Ba-Mee Kua) wasn’t exactly easy to find. Fortunately, we knew that the shop was just steps away from Vietnamese restaurant Thang Long, diagonally opposite Wine ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Kyo Roll En – The Kyoto Matcha Dessert To Have In Bangkok

[Bangkok, Thailand] While Hong Kong has Via Tokyo, Singapore has AmaSoy and ...

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar – Fun Dining Concept From Chef Ian Kittichai

[Bangkok, Thailand] Conceptualised by celebrity chef Ian Kittichai, Hyde & Seek Gastro ...

10 Other Reasons Why You Will Like Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road

We say “Sawadee” to Hotel Indigo, which finally opened its door in ...

Thang Long – Stylish Vietnamese Restaurant Near Bangkok’s Wireless Road

[Bangkok, Thailand] Many of Bangkok’s restaurants score in terms of style. The ...

Chatuchak’s Sexy Hunks Sell Somtam. And It’s Hot!

[Bangkok, Thailand] Some call this the Bangkok version of Hooters, where the ...

Baan Glom Gig – Celebrity Restaurant With Thai Home Style Dishes

[Bangkok, Thailand] We were excited to make our way to a ‘celebrity ...

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He Had A Soft Spot For Chocolate Cake

“He had a soft spot for chocolate cake…” We have learnt that one of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s favourite food was chocolate cake. My generation may have grown up not knowing very much about our former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, what he liked, what he disliked, many of his policies not exactly documented […]

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House of Peranakan Petit – Simple Traditional Nyonya Cuisine at Tiong Bahru

My Ah-Ma is half-Peranakan and I grew up with a kitchen that conjured lovingly prepared dishes of Ayam Buah Keluak, Nyonya Chap Chye and Ngoh Hiang from time to time. Imagine the time dedication put into all these dishes, which we can hardly find authentic ones nowadays. Fond memories came as I remembered helping pound […]

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Sapporo Ramen Miharu – Authentic Sapporo Ramen Moved To Millenia Walk

Sapporo Ramen Miharu remains as one of my top 5 ramen in Singapore, for reasons of taste and sentimental. Previously located at Gallery Hotel, it was one of the first Japanese restaurants in Singapore to serve authentic tasting ramen in a rather rustic setting, before the likes of Ippudo and Keisuke came to our island. […]

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Ippudo Shaw Centre – New Branch and Offering of Tan Tan Tonkotsu Ramen

Ippudo remains as one of my favourite ramen restaurants. Is it the best ramen in Singapore? Still debatable, as the quality can be inconsistent from branch to branch, but at least you know there is a certain standard. There are over 80 Ippudo restaurants throughout Japan, and the brand has found itself in countries such […]

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10 New & Hot Restaurants Singapore March 2015 – The Quite Atas Edition

For our non-Singaporean friends, ‘atas’ means ‘high class’, word derived from the Malay word meaning ‘upstairs’. We use it as an adjective, for example “This restaurant is very atas, sure spend a lot of money”, “You have many atas friends yah? Don’t want to go to hawker centre to eat”, or “Dear, it’s our monthsary, […]

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Ginzawa – Japanese Restaurant at Palais Renaissance Impresses With Chirashi Don and Kaiseki-Inspired Dishes

Chirashi Don is like the IN Japanese food, and Ginzawa’s luxuriously fresh and elaborately plated version would be a shoo-in for one of the best Chirashi Don in Singapore. Ginzawa Japanese Restaurant, which means ‘silver river’, has opened at Palais Renaissance. The 70-seater offers a spectrum of Japanese favourites from seasonal omakase sets, kaiseki-inspired dishes, […]

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Atrium Restaurant – New Buffet Restaurant At Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium + Giveaways

It has been a while since I returned to Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, and realised that the hotel has been newly-refurnished, from the lobby, rooms to the restaurant. The buffet restaurant used to be known as Melting Pot Café, and has been updated to be known as Atrium Restaurant, an all-day dining venue. I would […]

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Gyoza-Ya – Cheese And Other Fascinating Dumplings at Ion Orchard

The humble Gyoza, which are Japanese dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables, have gained some traction in Singapore during recent years. Usually eaten as a side dish in local ramen restaurants, we have seen gyoza speciality restaurants opening up such as Gyoza-Ya, Osaka Ohsho and Keisuke Gyoza King. Gyoza-Ya, which is a part of […]

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My Sister Bakes – Not My Sister’s, But A Café At Tai Seng

No, my sister doesn’t bake. I wished she could. Can yours? If you want to find a sister who bakes, make your way to Tai Seng for this bakery café – My Sister Bakes. The reason for the name: Each time co-owner Esther Lim bakes, her three other siblings (whom Esther calls her guinea pigs […]

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Baker’s Brew Studio – Baking Lesson In A Café. You Eat What You Learnt

This integrated baking studio-café is located at Sembawang along Jalan Tampang. Wait… Jalan Tumpang… I mean Jalan Tampang? Even the address tells me that I should tumpang a ride here since it’s a 15 minutes walk from Sembawang MRT. Really Pulau Sembawang, ulu leh… The integrated baking studio-café has it pros and cons. Aesthetically, the […]

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