Beauty In The Pot – Paradise Group’s Hotpot Restaurant Can Fight For No 1 Spot

“So this Beauty In The Pot better, or Hai Di Lao?” I knew people would ask this question. Quick answer to that, I prefer HDL marginally better. Beauty In The ...

Project Acai – Singapore’s First Dedicated Açaí Superfood Café

The superfood acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is known to be packed with antioxidants – 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes, helps combat premature aging, and contains good amounts of iron, ...

20 New Cafes in Singapore March 2015 – What’s Up With The Names?

The name is of most utmost importance to any F&B business. For a café, even if your food and coffee are good, having a name without a story, unique branding ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Polo Chicken – Possibly Bangkok’s Best Fried Chicken, Along Wireless Road

[Bangkok, Thailand] If you walk around the street food stalls of Bangkok, ...

Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road + 5 Exciting FOOD Places In Their Neighbourhood

[Bangkok, Thailand] Wireless Road in downtown Bangkok may not be on the ...

M Marini Caffé – KLCC’s Champagne and Caviar Café, Dine In Style

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] Talk about the 5Cs. M Marini Caffé is Malaysia’s ...

Maisen Tonkatsu とんかつ まい泉 – Best Japanese Tonkatsu In Tokyo

[Tokyo, Japan] Best tonkatsu in Tokyo とんかつ まい泉. Need I say anymore? ...

Best Wonton Noodles In Hong Kong 香港最佳雲吞面

[Hong Kong] No country serves wonton noodles (pronounced ‘wantan min’ in Cantonese) ...

Marble 8 – Steakhouse In KL With Fine Dining Flair

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] While it seems like a truly challenging task, Marble ...

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Chew The Fat – Everton Park Gets More Hipster

When someone tells me to Chew The Fat, I will tell him to have a friendly chat. Huh? Don’t understand, cheem right? That’s the actual meaning behind the idiom aka the name of the cafe. Taking over the space of the defunct Happy 3 Bites café, a dog café under a HDB block, Chew The […]

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AmaSoy – Matcha Softserve with Churros & JCone!

It is quite an open secret that I love AmaSoy’s Japanese Puddings. Enhanced with collagen (mei mei = looking good), omega 3, made with 100% organic soy beans and no preservatives! Beauty and health benefits aside, the silky smooth texture and delicate taste of the puddings are what which made me return repeatedly as a […]

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Chick and Ken – Korean Fried Chicken & Bingsu Restaurant

Chicken and Ken. Easy to remember name, and does remind me of Barbie and Ken. No toys here, but current trending foods – Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Bingsu and Spam Fries. After entering the restaurant at Lorong Telok near Boat Quay, there was a sense of familiarity – the interior design, dark flooring, warm orangey […]

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Nookie Yogurt – Dessert In Froyo. This Changes Everything

Nookie’s tagline is “Yogurt with an attitude” and is prepared to give Spanish brand Llao Llao a run for their money. I prefer to think that they are very different. The 100% homegrown froyo brand (support local!) is a combination of the familiar frozen yogurt with deconstructed desserts. Apple crumble, red velvet parfait, chocolate banana […]

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Porn’s Thai Boat Noodee – Pornsak’s Thai Noodle Shop At Kitchener Complex

Where does Pornsak get all his energy from, I do not know. The television host, owner of Chinese learning lab, Masters graduate from Monash University, current TCM undergraduate has just opened his 5th Porn’s restaurant. This guy is crazy amazing. He doesn’t stop. Okay, nevermind that his Thai restaurant Porn’s has a fair mix of […]

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Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint – That $4 Million Shop Opens At Suntec City

People are keeping watch on Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint which has just opened at Suntec City, because it was sold for a whooping $4 million to publicly-listed Aztech Group. The million dollar question is: Is their char siew worth that $4 million dollars? Maybe we won’t get to amass that kind of money this […]

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Day & Night – Two Face at Tiong Bahru Changed Hands

Day & Night was once known as Two Face Pizza & Taproom, which closed suddenly last December. A similar concept has reopened at the same spot selling similar items. When asked, they said “We have gourmet burgers now.” Same same, but different. Great concept, making full use of the same space, also provide variety for […]

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Syun – Celebrity Chef Hal Yamashita’s Japanese Restaurant At RWS Delights

The term “celebrity chef” may have been overused in Singapore, and may not prove to be the marketing tool to an instant hit, judging the bailout of “celebrity restaurants” here. Syun helmed by Japanese Chef Hal Yamashita is the latest to join Resorts World Sentosa RWS at Festive Walk in their line-up of celebrity chef […]

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20 New & Hot Restaurants Singapore – February 2015

The trend of new openings in February – street food, desserts, and modern bistros. Soft serves, froyo, Korean bingsu and fried chicken will continue to stay for a while, while modern salad bars will get more fanciful. What may excite you: Red velvet yogurt, Thai microphone, Taiwanese shaved ice dessert, and two restaurants – one […]

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Bazuka Yakibuta バズか焼豚 – Donburi With Sio Bak & Char Siew

This is Singapore twist’s to the Japanese Donburi, topped with roast pork or char siew, accompanied with an onsen egg, pickles and crispy homemade shallot chilli. Preparazzi’s Jeremy Nguee once told me about his plans to serve his signature sio bak in a different way. I suppose this is the start of it. Bazuka Yakibuta […]

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