Two Men Bagel House – Two Cute Boys & Many Delicious Bagels

Many “Two”s in Singapore. Two Chefs, Two Wings, Two Blur Guys, Two Face, Two Fat Men, Two Am Dessert Bar, and now a Two Men Bagel House. A bagel style ...

Artisan Boulangerie Co. – 1 Year, 7 Branches, Full Expanded Menu

Talking about new cafes in Singapore, Artisan Boulangerie Co. is the up and coming star, opening seven branches in a year! Other than the main outlet at Killiney Road which ...

Kanshoku Ramen – Hakata Ramen, Awesome Egg. One Of The Best New Openings

No ramen shop in Singapore can escape my sight, as I go in search for the “Best Ramen in Singapore”. Kanshoku while being new, has captured quite a bit of ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

20 Things To See, Shop, and Savour in Western Australia + Join The Gourmet Escape with DanielFoodDiary!

Western Australia is never short of extraordinary holiday experiences, especially when it ...

Pie Face – Australia’s Favourite Pies Are Coming To Singapore!

[Australia] There are many food items that the Aussies are known for, ...

10 Reasons to Visit The Western Australia & Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2014!

I can barely contain my excitement. Yes, yes yes! I will be ...

Bourke Street Bakery – Life Changing Ginger Brulée Tart & Sausage Roll

[Sydney, Australia] It was a 20 minute or about 1 km plus ...

10 Best Street Food In Penang – The Penang Food Guide!

[Penang, Malaysia] You can probably find some of the best street food ...

Toh Soon Cafe – Penang’s Traditional Coffee & Toast By The Alley

[Penang, Malaysia] “Where’s Penang best coffee again?” Our guide then dropped us ...

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Ice Queen – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream At East Coast

Ice Queen has nothing to do with the “Let it go, let it go” Frozen’s queen, but is a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour at East Coast. Liquid nitrogen ice cream. While this ‘fad’ has become a been-there-done-that in other countries like Hong Kong, the response here is still kind of lukewarm, with the more […]

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The Hideout – Artisan Italian Gelato Café at Cassia Crescent

Supporters of artisan Italian gelato may remember the brand Ci Gusta! at Anchorpoint. Closed? Nevermind. The franchisees did not let the initial closure set them down, and in turn channelled their experiences and skills of gelato-making in The Hideout cafe. The Hideout at Cassia Crescent, distance away from Maple & Market, specializes in artisan Italian […]

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10 Things You May Not Know About VITAGEN. Be Surprised!

VITAGEN is one of those drinks that I have consumed since young, for its sweet tasty flavours, its health benefits (remember those TV ads that go L-something-something), and cute bottles (which I used to put paper clips in). Remember “V for VITAGEN”? While I still continued to drink them, sometimes while working, sometimes a bottle […]

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150 New Cafes In Singapore 2014 – The Ultimate, Definite Café Hopping Guide

150 new cafés in Singapore. To facilitate your best café hopping and hunting adventures, this is a new cafes list sorted by location and district. There are many great “best cafes” blog entries out there (Joey Asher’s one of them), so this would focus on just new openings. Part of the reason why I am […]

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10 Lessons For The Potential Entrepreneur – The Papa Palheta Story

Every time another new café opens in Singapore, my train of thought goes in two extreme way – one in anticipation of discovering something fresh; the other wondering how long that new shop can survive. Welcome to Singapore, where new third wave coffee cafes open every other day (not exaggerating), but almost every single one […]

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Sarah’s The Pancake Café – They Can Do Batter

East what? East Village, a new mall of sorts at Simpang Bedok which is still hugely unoccupied. Seldom ventured to this part of Singapore. I was there only for Sarah’s The Pancake Café, though incidentally Time Table café is a few units away. Sarah’s The Pancake Café offers homemade pancakes and crepes with a different […]

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Noodle Place Restaurant – Authentic Hong Kong Style Food Now At Orchard Gateway

Every time I crave for Hong Kong style noodles and congee, Noodle Place Restaurant at Orchard Gateway offers some of the closest tastes you get from there. Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure are quite dependable choices, but I think Noodle Place does have a strength in noodles. After all, their Executive Chef Chui Chuen Lai […]

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Les Patisseries – Bakery Cafe Is One Bright Spark At Toa Payoh

The truth is, the new cafes in Singapore are becoming a mixed bag, some being replicas of already existing success stories. But I usually have a greater liking for cafes which create and bake their own items. So I search. Les Patisseries at Toa Payoh Central is adding that one bright spark. I won’t deny […]

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Melvados – Singapore’s Hidden Find. Gourmet Food at Wholesale Prices

My friends from Republic Poly would frequently recommend Foodedge Gourmet at Woodlands Terrace to purchase Melvados items, selling many party foods from Brownies, Cheesecakes, Lava Cakes, Ice Creams, Sorbets, Breads to Ready Meals. For those who have not heard of Woodlands Terrace, this is where many food factory outlets are located. It is not uncommon […]

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Daessiksin 大食神 – Korean BBQ at Orchard Gateway for $14.90

Delicious cheap Korean BBQ for $14.90! How to earn? Daebak or not? Daessiksin 大食神 is a newly opened Korean grill BBQ restaurant at Level 3 of Orchard Gateway, which will bring some friendly contest to its nearby neighbours. What first attracted me to the restaurant was its prices – Weekday lunch and dinner ($14.90++ and […]

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