The Best Salted Egg Croissant In Singapore Is … Yes, We Tried All 5 Of Them

There are so many Salted Egg Croissant places in Singapore it is not even funny anymore. This craze first appeared at Urban Bakery in Hong Kong, followed by Le Bread ...

Prima Taste Ready Meals – Enjoy Cooked Rice Meals In 90 Seconds!

Seriously. 90 seconds is all it takes. Prima Taste Ready Meals is a new quick meal product, the first of its kind in Singapore, and only requires 90 seconds in ...

Les Amis – The Iconic French Fine Dining Restaurant In Singapore

Someone told me that Les Amis was THE fine-dining restaurant in Singapore in the 1990s. “If you can afford a meal there, you have made it. If you propose to ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Sangkaya – Malaysia Coconut Ice Cream Creamery Opened at Johor Bahru Next to Checkpoint

[Johor Bahru, Malaysia] Malaysian brand Sangkaya with 36 outlets across Malaysia has ...

The Commons – Bangkok’s New Hippest Space With Artisan Cafes, Restaurants, Market, Playground

[Bangkok] Restaurants, market and a playground. There are malls, but this same ...

Audrey Café des Fleurs – Flower Themed Café At Bangkok Emquartier Is Goodness Gorgeous

[Bangkok] Audrey Café & Bistro is said to be inspired by Audrey ...

Kyochon 교촌 – One Of The Best Korean Fried Chicken In Seoul (Maybe Everywhere Else)

[Seoul] Kyochon is known as one of the best Korean Fried Chicken ...

Bongchu Jjimdak 봉추찜닭 – The Other Must Try Jjimdak Restaurant At Seoul

“The Korean teacher says Bongchu Jjimdak is better,” which was why we ...

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul – The Very Pinky Kitty Cafe At Myeongdong

[Seoul] Dear Daniel is not exactly a fan of Hello Kitty. Haha. ...

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Prima Taste LaMian – Same Great Taste, Healthier With Wholegrain LaMian

Some of you may have experienced overseas friends asking to send some Prima Taste Laksa LaMian over, so that they can continue to get a taste of home thousands of miles away. Don’t you just loooooove the laksa gravy and noodle texture? This popular instant LaMian just got healthier, with a Wholegrain LaMian version. Serious. […]

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South Bronx – Homegrown Burger Joint With Mac & Cheese, Thai, Spam Burgers!

Burgers are still a big thing in Singapore, and we have seen specialised burger joints Wolf at Pasar Bella Suntec City, Wildfire Burgers, The Butchers Club Burger, and MEATLiquor opening up, though of varying success. Happy to see another home-grown burger joint South Bronx which also features burgers that are Asian-style, think Bangkok influenced Thai-Tanium […]

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10 New & Hot Restaurants Singapore Feb 2016 – The Empress Truly Loves Whitegrass

It’s only the 2nd month of the year, and we are seeing some luxurious style dining restaurants opening up in Singapore. Whitegrass helmed by Chef Sam Aisbett previously from Tetsuya’s and Quay, Angeleno by Chef David Almany, and Empress launched by the Privé Group. Some restaurants are also diversifying by opening up sisters concept: Sushi […]

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Antoinette – The Salted Egg Croissant War Begins In Singapore. This, Is Better Than The Last

The salted egg croissant craze continues in Singapore with Antoinette introducing their version, and we WILL see more and more F&Bs following suit (till we get bored, which may be really soon). This food-fad first appeared at Urban Bakery in Hong Kong, followed by Le Bread Days Café in Kuala Lumpur, Seven Oaks Bakery Café […]

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10 New Cafes In Singapore Feb 2016 – Almost All Around The CBD

The CBD gets most of the new cafes this month. Apparently, workers there need a lot of coffee and health food. Punch and Ivory Coffee at North Canal Road (yes, two cafes within walking distance), Elements & Co at Cecil Street, Absolute Acai at Pickering Street, Socks and Pans at Tanjong Pagar, Maison Kayser at […]

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Whitegrass – Modern Australian Restaurant Is A Potential Star

This year may mark one that will see a flourish of higher end restaurants in Singapore, especially with the impending Michelin Guide in Singapore. Are there too many of such restaurants in Singapore? Apparently, not yet. Whitegrass is a new fine dining restaurant at Chijmes, helmed by Chef Sam Aisbett who will present Modern Australian […]

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Butter My Buns – Tiramisu Hero Opens Café at NUS UTown. Don’t Go If You Are Rushing For Lectures Because…

Students these days are blessed with easily accessible cafes within campus. Think having café food in between lectures, project meeting over artisanal coffee and munching on takeaway waffles during tutorial classes. Ok, we do sound really old here… The Tiramisu Hero team (Hello Peggy) at Jalan Besar with the cat mascot has started buttering their […]

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JINzakaya – Les Amis Group Opens Yakitori Sake Restaurant

Sushi Jin can be considered as one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, not bank-breaking high end yet serve commendable food. So when the Les Amis Group which owns it took over the next door shop for a modern izakaya joint, some anticipation ran high. JINzakaya located at Owen Link (near Farrer Park MRT) has a […]

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16 Unique Salted Egg Yolk Food In Singapore – Liu Sha Let It Flow!

Since when these rich, fatty orange-yellow salted duck egg yolks become so HIP? I mean, we used to just have them simply within mooncakes, or matched with plain porridge. Not anymore. A few years ago, Liu Sha Bao aka Golden Custard Buns were in the rage in Singapore. Then, we saw Salted Egg Yolk zhi […]

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Seasonal Tastes – CNY Buffet Feast with Buddha Jump Over The Wall, Siew Yoke with Salted Egg Sauce!

Though we traditionally think of Chinese New Year dinner as a round-table meal with 8-10 dishes, a gastronomic buffet featuring an international contemporary spread, fresh seafood AND CNY classics sounds splendid as an option for the family. Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore offers a live interactive kitchen concept, known for fresh selection of crustaceans, […]

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