MavRx Coffee Apothecary – Good Coffee is All That Matters

Hole in the wall, a one-man barista coffee place, with charming monochromatic décor, which serves nothing but good coffee, for now. MavRx Coffee Apothecary has quietly popped up at 1A ...

9Goubuli – Tianjin Bun Restaurant at MBS

The irony was our least favourite dish happened to be the signature Goubuli buns themselves. The Tianjin delicacy Goubuli buns are said to be founded in 1858, and the 9 ...

Select and Stamford Catering – Mini Party Sets for 10 at $95.00+ Per Set + Giveaway!

The question I keep getting: Where to find good and best caterers in Singapore? I am pretty sure you get some of those questions too, especially if you are the ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Crumb by After You – Homemade Ice Cream & Sundaes At Central Embassy

[Bangkok, Thailand] After You had and has continued to be one of ...

Metro on Wireless – Locally Inspired Restaurant at Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road

No two Hotel Indigos around the world are alike. Each Hotel Indigo ...

Bamee Gua – Bangkok’s Traditional Handmade Egg Noodles Since 1947

[Bangkok, Thailand] Bamee Gua (or Ba-Mee Kua) wasn’t exactly easy to find. ...

Kyo Roll En – The Kyoto Matcha Dessert To Have In Bangkok

[Bangkok, Thailand] While Hong Kong has Via Tokyo, Singapore has AmaSoy and ...

Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar – Fun Dining Concept From Chef Ian Kittichai

[Bangkok, Thailand] Conceptualised by celebrity chef Ian Kittichai, Hyde & Seek Gastro ...

10 Other Reasons Why You Will Like Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road

We say “Sawadee” to Hotel Indigo, which finally opened its door in ...

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10 Best Korean Fried Chicken In Singapore – New & Updated!

Korean Fried Chicken, KFC, Chimaek, 치킨 … they continue to enjoy great popularity in Singapore, as the chain shops expand, and new shops keep coming. So where is the best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore? After the last viral post on 5 Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore, I thought the list needed some updating, […]

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Snowman Desserts – Korean Bingsu with Softserve at NEX

Do you want to build a snowman? The inspiration of the name Snowman Desserts partly came from the movie Frozen. Of course it represented the very thing the Korean café was selling – Milk Snow Bingsu. Snowman Desserts shares the same space as Korean fried chicken restaurant Ssiksin Chicken and Korean BBQ place Daessiksin. (If […]

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Dazzling Café Singapore – I Went To Queue And Here’s The Verdict

Dazzling Café in Singapore opened with a queue starting at 8:30am when operating hours was 12 noon onwards. Honestly, Shibuya toasts were the in thing… a few years back. Fans would have tried Dazzling Café in Taiwan already. So, would this queue last? Some background: Dazzling Café started as a designer jewelry boutique in Taiwan, […]

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Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House – More Bingsu At Bt Timah Plaza

How many Korean Bingsu shops do we need in Singapore? Many, many, apparently. On last count, there are 7 new Korean cafes offering this dessert that have opened/will be opening this month alone. Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House is one of the first to set up a bingsu specialty house in Singapore , located […]

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Hoho Chimek – Addictive Korean Fried Chicken at East Village

Instagrammer @Elainegirlgirl told me about this Korean Fried Chicken near Simpang Bedok which was soooooo addictive. Simpang Bedok. East Village. Very far away from my place, but I shall try it because I trust her taste. She did eat many fried chicken. HoHo Chimek’s name is derived from the words ‘chi’ which means ‘chicken’ and […]

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Thai Boat Noodle – $1 Thai Boat Noodles at Bedok Point

What can $1 buy you nowadays? Thai Boat Noodles. Yes, another one. This is almost half price of the next cheapest kuai tiao ruea we found at $1.90. Thai Boat Noodle at Bedok Point sells their Mini Boat Noodle with dry or soup versions at $1.00. The Tom Yam Noodle is at $1.50. It even […]

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The Rösti Farm – Swiss Rosti Meets Milkshake & Chocolates

When I first reviewed Once Upon a Milkshake in 2010, I wrote that it could have a fairytale ending. This became true! You can now find the humble milkshake store expanding to countries from Malaysia, Thailand to South Korea. In this sequel, the team from the milkshake company brings all the boys to the yard […]

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Yogart – We Found A llaollao Look-Alike

Oh, a llaollao lookalike. Same same, but different. Yogart’s signature resembles llaollao’s Sanum like a long-lost sister, except for a wooden spoon rather than the green teardrop-shaped spoon. The froyo craze continues (though we sensed its dipping) as llaollao’s footprints are spreading to every part of Singapore, followed by Nookie Yogurt – the deconstructed dessert […]

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The Daily Scoop – Ice Cream Cafe Opens At SOTA

Once upon a time, there were The Daily Scoop, Island Creamery, Udders and Tom’s Palette which saw us through our studying years. (Working years for some.) The Daily Scoop started in 2004 at Sunset Way. That branch was ulu, and therefore I actually had a couple of dates there. Those years were the era when […]

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Ssiksin Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken with Crunchy Skin Juicy Meat + Giveaway!

Say Chimaek! Korean Fried Chicken continues to be widely sought after in Singapore, for their crackly battered skins and juicy meat. Now THIS New Korean Fried Chicken looks set to be the NEXT brand that will get some popularity. 맛있는. Ssiksin Chicken is located at Serangoon NEX, right next to Korean BBQ Buffet place Daessiksin, […]

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