10 New & Hot Restaurants Singapore July 2015

The main buzz on new openings in Singapore fell on Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. Reviews have not be most favourable, but people will still pack the place. I say ...

Tuk Tuk Cha – Thai Iced Tea Made Its Way To Suntec City

Thailand’s iconic transport vehicle, Tuk Tuk, managed to park right at Suntec, selling the symbolic drink the Cha- Yen, also known as Thai Ice Tea. Tuk Tuk Car transformed into ...

Pizza Face – Pizza and Cakes Café At Beach Road

Pie Face was so named due to drawn expressions on every single pie, and that became a big hit while it lasted. We wished the same for Pizza Face, which ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Aqua S – The Dreamy Blue Soft Serve Made For Instagram

[Sydney, Australia] This is the soft serve created for Instagram. Aqua blue ...

21 Best Supper Places In Sydney For Late Night Dining

[Sydney, Australia] There was a time in Sydney when shopping malls close ...

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory – Affordable Tasty Thai Supper In Sydney

[Sydney, Australia] The very first thing you would notice about Yok Yor ...

Sydney Madang – Possibly The Best Korean BBQ Restaurant In Sydney

[Sydney, Australia] Friends commented that if there is one restaurant in Sydney ...

The World’s Best Airline Food 2015 – For First Class, Business and Economy Class

The World’s Best Airline in 2015 is Qatar Airways, according to the ...

10 Best Cafes In Surry Hills, Sydney Australia

[Sydney, Australia] Starbucks couldn’t survive in Australia, and this tells something. Australian ...

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BiBing 비빙 – Korean BIbimbap BINGsu Café Opens At Chinatown

Did Rain Bi and Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) opened a Korean bingsu café together at Chinatown and named it BiBing? Not really, but this korean bingsu café with a peculiar name is opened by a group of friends, both local and Koreans. Located at the touristy Chinatown with another similar Korean bingsu café Café Insadong […]

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10 New Cafes In Singapore July 2015 – Keong Siak, Bugis Get More Happening

Welcome to the 2nd half of 2015. Coincidence or what! Many new cafes in Singapore are found at Keong Saik, and the Bugis, Arab Street, Beach Road vicinity. Both Stateland Coffee and Hyde & Co had recent menu revamps, and Cake Love made its move over to Bali Lane. 10 New Cafes In Singapore July […]

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Alibabar Dining Café Bar – From East Coast To Alexandra Central

If you have been to Alexandra often enough, you should be familiar with these three buildings – IKEA for furniture, Queensway Shopping Centre for sports attire and Anchorpoint for outlet shops and Japanese restaurants. Then, I noticed a mega building ‘out of the sudden’ – containing both Alexandra Central Mall and Park Royal Alexandra. (The […]

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Takeda Shouten – Chef Keisuke Opens Sake Bar At… Orchid Hotel (Again)

Orchid Hotel at Tanjong Pagar looks like Chef Keisuke Takeda lucky spot. Even though Keisuke Tonkotsu King there is not his first outlet in Singapore, it is there where he achieved ‘ramen superstar’ status. There are still queues even though the shop has been around for years. Let’s see what else he owns there. Keisuke […]

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Xin Hao Ramen – Japanese Ramen With A Local Take

Singapore has quite a few Japanese ramen shops with a local take – A Noodle Story, Brothers Ramen. Buta Ramen and to a smaller extent Kanshoku Ramen. While the ramen purists may not have a favourable take, I am open to see some interesting synergies, that can well reflect our local culture and tastebuds. Xin […]

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Double Scoops – Double The Ice Cream, Double The Calories & Pleasure

Shortly after the soft Serves + froyo trend in Singapore, we are starting to see more ice cream parlors opening up in our neighbourhoods. Does ‘Double Scoops’ mean that customers will be so pleased that they will nothing less than two scoops? A reminder: double the scoops, double the calories, but maybe double the pleasure. […]

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Singapore Restaurant Month – 50 of The Best Restaurants. 50 SG50 Dishes

This is such a meaningful initiative. SG50. 50 Restaurants. 50 newly created dishes. The inaugural Singapore Restaurant Month organised by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has gathered some of Singapore’s 50 Best Restaurants to create dishes to celebrate the country’s birthday. What I really want to highlight is the common theme – that all […]

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Twins Korean Restaurant – Salivate Over Fried Chicken & Cute Twins

It is not all the time when a handsome Korean chef is cooking you Korean Fried Chicken. Now, make that TWO good-looking Korean chefs. Twins Korean Restaurant looks set to fill some bellies and melt some hearts. Park Woo Jae and Park Sung Jae are Korean twins, 26 this year, born 3 minutes apart, and […]

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OMB – OMG! An ‘Oh My Bacon’ Cafe

”Oh My Goodness! All Bacon? Seriously?” That were our first thoughts when we heard of this bacon-centric Oh My Bacon café opening at Dunlop Street. While the idea of having everything with bacons may be daunting, it will be a piece of heaven for bacon lovers out there. Bacon starters, bacon mains, bacon desserts, bacon […]

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10 Trending Food For 2015 – Bingsu, Gourmet Burgers and Shibuya Toasts

Half the year has almost whizzed past us, and it would be appropriate to do a half-time report card of some of the trending food of Singapore in 2015. Waffles, lobster rolls, frozen yogurts… emm yah, we still love these 10 Trending Food of Singapore in 2014 120 New Cafes In Singapore 2015 20 Matcha […]

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