Wholly Crab – Actress Felicia Chin Opens Louisiana Seafood Stall With Local Twist

Actress Felicia Chin just keeps going on. Hot on the heels after opening The Mama Shop with Sora Ma, she has ventured into Louisiana style seafood with a local twist. ...

New Restaurants and Food Places At Capitol Piazza

The historical Capitol Theatre will be re-opening, and the new mall Capitol Piazza which is connected directly to City Hall MRT station will be home to many restaurants, cafes and ...

Coffee Cup – Is This Your Cup Of Coffee?

Coffee Cup may sound like a place where avid coffee lovers will venture to, as its name implies. They kept our hopes high with their regular updates regarding coffee on ...

Travel Highlights: Food from Around The World

Via Tokyo – Japanese Matcha Desserts Takes Centre Stage

[Hong Kong] As matcha fever in Hong Kong continues to rise, Via ...

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Hong Kong – World’s First Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant, Cuteness Overload, Taste Underwhelming

[Hong Kong] The world has seen its FIRST Hello Kitty Chinese dim ...

Lab Made – Liu Sha Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

[Hong Kong] Lab’s Made Liu Sha Custard nitrogen ice cream is the ...

Gumshara Ramen – Did Half A Pig Die To Cook This Bowl?

[Sydney, Australia] My love for ramen continues to bring me to unimaginable ...

Chat Thai – Possibly Sydney’s Hippest Thai Restaurant

[Sydney, Australia] One of the hippest places to dine in Sydney is ...

Crumb by After You – Homemade Ice Cream & Sundaes At Central Embassy

[Bangkok, Thailand] After You had and has continued to be one of ...

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Cream & Custard – Sweet Treats At Jalan Bukit Ho Swee

Old blocks, modern café food. Jalan Bukit Ho Swee gets more hipster as nearby Tiong Bahru becomes saturated with cafes. Cream & Custard chose to open at an inconspicuous Block 46 of the Beo Crescent estate. The contrast is obvious. We wonder how residents take to this. Do you know there are already 5 cafes […]

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5 Cafes At Jalan Bukit Ho Swee – A Taste of Nostalgia

Tiong Bahru was the ‘pioneer’ of the third wave café hotspots, giving rise to a number of hipster / indie / nostalgic-themed cafes in the vicinity. It seems that while Tiong Bahru is getting too saturated with cafes, new businesses are moving to nearby Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. This stretch along Havelock Road is known […]

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Snowy Village – Is this Singapore’s First Container Café?

Is this Singapore’s first container café? We literally walked past Snowy Village (from Wilkie Edge towards Sim Lim) without realising, so look out for this marine blue (or I should I say facebook blue) coloured container just across Lasalle. Container cafes are common place in Korea, where shops are set up in cargo-converted containers. Over […]

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10 Best Korean Cafés In Singapore – Saranghae 카페

Haru Haru (day by day), we are seeing more Korean cafes in Singapore, after the Korean Pop, Korean BBQ, and Korean Fried Chicken wave have hit us. What defines a Korean café, at least in Singapore context? They all almost sell Korean desserts like Bingsu shaved iced, toasts (usually injeolmi rice cake), Korean inspired snacks […]

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Krave – Malay-Western Café at Bali Lane Worth A Visit

Actually we were wondering if Krave would be just another café along Bali Lane. After all, we have seen an influx of many new openings at the Arab Street quarter. The truth is, even among café hoppers ourselves, many have commented on boredom with the same-old café food. Krave appeared to be like the usual […]

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Spizza Mercato – Pizza Restaurant With Retail Section

Do you know that Spizza names ALL their pizzas after females? So there it isn’t the usual Hawaiian and Supreme, but Anna, Barbara, Claudia, Donna, Elisa all the way till Zara. Let there be no confusion. The latest concept of Spizza is Spizza Mercato at Capitol Piazza, where ‘mercato’ stands for market to reflect its […]

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Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe – Saranghaeyo to Korean Bingsu Café At Orchard Road

Is Nunsaram the brother of Miss Nunsongyee with the same surname? Or a Korean twin brother of Snowman Desserts? (Nunsaram means Snowman in korean) Wait, not forgetting their Omma (Mother), O’ma Spoon, which formed the family of Korean bingsu cafes, serving shaved milk bingsu. We noticed the influx of Korean Bingsu lately. In 2 months, […]

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Hvala Waffle Bar – Waffle In A Stick

The waffle fever has not stopped yet, with cafes coming out with creative options to outwin, outplay, outlast. Next in line is a waffle stick bar, with portion meant for one person. Hvala Waffle Bar is entering the very competitive market with a kiosk at 313 @ Somerset basement, selling waffle sticks and vanilla soft […]

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Selfie Coffee Singapore – Serious. Drink Your Selfie!

Serious, no kidding. A selfie coffee café. Take a pic, print it on top of your latte. Do you want to drink your selfie, or wefie of your best friends? Perhaps this can bring narcissism to the next level. The selfie drink idea is said to come from Taiwanese company Let’s Coffee. But it has […]

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Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore – 25% Off International Buffet!

Seasonal Tastes at Level 32 of The Westin Singapore is a buffet restaurant that offers stunning views, a relaxing ambience, and a wide selection of International and Asian cuisine. Other than food, the view, the environment and service are important considerations for a buffet. I am the sort who does not like to rush, but […]

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